Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful marketing tool that can help build a successful dental practice by raising awareness through increased ranking within dental search engine results pages (SERPs).

We know that you didn’t build your dental practice overnight.  It took time, consistent effort, and extreme care with every new patient that you acquired. Even practices that have been acquired, we have the tools to help your dental office become more visible and recognizable online.

Going above and beyond your patient’s needs is a sure way to spur the spread great word of mouth, and is in and of itself a very solid marketing strategy, but eventually you will need to further your reach. Our services are tested within the dental vertical. Our team uses Swell CX, AHREFS, Screaming Frog, Siteliner, Moz, Yext, Google Business, Webmaster tools, Analytics, and other tools to get you found on page 1 of Google/Bing/Yahoo!.

An ROI That Far Outweighs Advertising

Dental SEO can spread the word for your dental practice in a different way, through organic search results online. Nozak Consulting provides best in class SEO services for dentists and dental practices which helps them gain traffic to both their website, in turn, to their physical location.

Having a high ranking with search results is one of the most effective marketing tools for dentists and continually puts your dental practice in front of potential patients. Think of SEO/Web Development with Nozak Consulting not as a marketing budget, but an investment back into your business.

A lot more than just a word class custom WordPress website

You will love our world-class WordPress designs. Not only do we focus on the aesthetic beauty of your dental website, the UX, and the UI, we are also concerned about how Google looks at your website. The Google Bot is a user, so we focus heavily on technical SEO, HTML, CSS, Jquery, and Schema markup. It is our job to be informed about Google Algorithm changes, and web development best practices.

While focusing on both the potential client & the search engine crawlers, we optimize your site in a way that makes it very desirable to the search engines. Our goal is to stay within the guidelines set forth by search engines in order to see your dental practice website rewarded with an ever improving search engine results page position i.e. rankings.

Dental SEO Helps Your Practice Be Found Online

Dental SEO is a form of word of mouth, but more like word of bot, for your dental practice. With a fully optimized, technically sound WordPress Website we can help your dental practice gain traction in the organic search results online. Nozak Consulting provides best in class SEO for dentists and dental practices which helps them gain traffic to both their website and physical location.

Backlink Improvements for Dental CLient

We believe it is imperative for your dental site to have authority. Without authority, it is often impossible to outrank competitors in the local dental SERPs. So we focus our efforts not only on your web build, your on page SEO, but we have a team dedicated to your off page SEO. It takes a dedicated SEO team to get your dental practice to the top of search results and keep it there with best in class Dental SEO.

Increasing Traffic Value for Dental Clients

As a leading provider of SEO services, we have an in depth understanding of what it actually takes to get onto Google’s first page of search results. With dental clients it is notoriously a long and hard road to crack the front page of Google. Because of this you need a web development & SEO team that understands the long game for this industry.

Traffic Change over a year for a Dental Client

High search result ranking for dentists and dental practices requires time, technical excellence, a unique value add, and continued improvement, addition, and maintenance coupled with an aggressive, albeit white hat, approach to off page signal acquisition. This strategy, i.e. optimization & content creation is our tested method for our Tulsa dentists.

 Increasing organic keywords for Tulsa Dentist

It takes a dedicated SEO team to get your dental practice to the top of search results and keep it there with best in class Dental SEO.

What does the process of dental SEO look like?

Proper Dental SEO begins with

  1. An understanding of who you are (online).
  2. An understanding of who you want to be (online).
  3. Who is out there (war report).
  4. Who is on page 1 & top 3 (locally). What are they doing to be there (local competitive intelligence).
  5. Who is the best in their respective cities (national competitive intelligence) & what are they doing to be there.

When you partner with Nozak Consulting the first type of research that we’ll do is an in-depth study (competitive analysis) of your organization making sure that we understand your dental practice and your market within the local market.

From this analysis & fact finding, we develop a strategy. Because we are already in this industry, we understand how to rank a dentist in the local Google SERPs. Each competitive analysis allows us to gain even more insights into what works best for each doctor & location within the Oklahoma dental SERPs. Because each doctor is packaging their services uniquely to their clients, we too, can uniquely package clients to the Google/Bing Search Engine Results Pages. Our research phase is the in depth process that gives us the knowledge to help your team win. We then couple that knowledge with your input in order to make an online package desirable to the Google bots. In the end, our goal is to properly represent your business via a customized WordPress website, brand messaging, and world-class Dental SEO services.

Dental SEO

Keyword research creates a starting point for all SEO.

With our competitive analysis, we gain insights into content gaps, keyword opportunities, and query trends. From naming your services, i.e. cornerstone content, all the way to understanding what additional content must be added over the weeks/months/years to target additional phrases, queries, and SERPs. We start by studying the incumbents in the market, locally and nationally. We find out who has a good mouse trap and then we find out who has a great mouse trap. When keyword research is done the right, you can build an online presense that grows in popularity with Google and other search engines, versus one that pops in the SERPs and then eventually gets dropped. You simply cannot succeed online and show up in search results without getting this part right.

Keyword Research

Keywords provide the roadmap for how your site’s content will be created:

Apple Roadmap

Our Dental SEO team takes time to methodically work through the research process and identify keywords that we can obtain for your practice quickly to help your website start gaining ground immediately. In addition to the short term keywords we’ll also identify “Long tail” keywords that can be built up over time. Long tail keywords take consistent work over time through new and updated content on your dental website.

Dental short tail keywords, that matter locally/regionally can be more difficult to rank for within search results, they are not unreachable, with a long term strategy. By identifying these keywords early in the SEO process, we can help your practice start working towards them immediately. In the end, if boils down to having the right content and an increasing domain authority that stays ahead of the algorithmic penalties that Google will undeniably continue to unroll.

Our content creation team can work with you directly to provide relevant content on a consistent basis and acquire these keywords so that your dental practice can compete with the leading dental practices in your market, and replace them as a local leader for dental services.

A Fully Optimized website is hard for Google to miss

Through research, a war report, and competitive analysis we then have world-class keyword research in place, the foundation is then laid for a solid, robust website that can be optimized around those keywords. Our web design team uses the keyword research that we’ve identified specifically for your dental practice to be our guiding light in the design & implementation of your local dental website. Based on those specific keywords, we’ll start to map out what type of web pages we’ll build for your website. The end goal being a fully optimized website. When your dental practice has a fully optimized website, this allows Google to easily crawl and identify your site, and increases the chances that your website will be ranked well within search results. Once the draft of probable web pages is complete (designed from Webflow & mood boards, questionnaire answers), our web development team will then start to build your website. Don’t be fooled by commercials showing people dragging and dropping content onto their website using Wix or Squarespace. While you can build a website with those services, unless you get the foundation right (Analytics, Schema, Markup, Scripts, etc), that website will never be found by search engines. This is why hiring an SEO focused web developer like Nozak Consulting is different in the best possible way. Nozak Consulting’s web development team builds websites the right way, from the ground up. First making sure we have a clear road map from our keyword research, and then after wire-framing (doing a rough draft on paper for the layout), we begin to build the actual pages.

dental smile

What does optimizing a dental website look like?



While the primary goal for text on your website is to inform visitors, our Dental SEO Copywriters/designers build your dental website with the ability to close the sale via messaging, imagery, and vision casting. Our team goes a layer deeper and even pitches our content to the Google bots in order to get us in the SERPs.

This entails properly identifying important text with the right heading tags, emphasis, and using both ordered and unordered lists to properly organize the text on a web page. When that page has a proper organizational structure and layout on the technical side, this makes it a winner in Google’s eyes and in turn, your site gets rewarded with a higher SERP positioning in turn receiving more organic traffic.


This is the skeleton of your website. When a site is built properly, it is tiered and those various levels of information are organized in the form of posts & pages, categories & parents.

This requires technical SEO training and a pentiant for errorless web development, but first, a well thought out plan in order to have proper site structure in place.

Our dental web development team at Nozak Consulting is certified by Yoast SEO, an industry leader in SEO tools and practices in this very area.

This means that you’re dental practice’s website will receive the same techniques that are used by the industry leader, and employed on websites like Disney.


While search engine algorithms are constantly updated, currently, we do know that optimized videos and images are highly valued when it comes to ranking a web page within search results. This entails more than just having a video or image on a web page. This really comes down to having an optimization strategy for images and videos. This strategy focuses on file names, titles, alt tags, and relevancy to the H1. Supporting media serves the purpose of supporting the information on that web page. This means that your video or image would be optimized, tagged appropriately, have the right title, and be compressed properly (<100kb when applicable) to not slow down the load time of your web page and provide a great user experience.


Internal linking within your website is another key to unlocking SEO success. Our team will work to thoroughly inlink to relevant pages and resources within your website, wherever a reference of those pages or information appears. Through this strategy we will set the important of pages. We wouldn’t want a less important page outranking our most important pages.

This is known as internal linking. Having a strong internal linking structure can significantly increase the value of your site, and in turn make you show up in the top of search results.

These are just a few of the aspects that SEO is properly used when building a website for a dentists or dental practice…

Industry leading Dental SEO Tools

Nozak Consulting utilizes industry leading tools to maximize the SEO service that we provide our clients. We believe in constant measuring our service and how it affects our clients success with clear metrics that are easy to understand.


Nozak Consulting utilizes Ahrefs which is the leading SEO tracking, research and measuring tool available today. Ahrefs gives us a tremendous advantage for research and competitive analysis. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We do believe in researching your market and competition to understand why others are winning. This tool gives us a unique look at your competitor’s website, backlink strategy, keyword ranking, traffic flow, ppc campaigns, and allows us to not only put you on an equal playing field, but also to give you a major competitive advantage to rank within those same search results.



In addition to being certified by Yoast SEO, our team uses Yoast’s tools on all our websites. Yoast SEO tools allow us to maximize your DENTAL SEO, OG, Meta, & impact on each web page.
Yoast SEO tools provide a great measurement of how your content on the page is measuring up when it comes to SEO metrics like readability as well as internal and external linking. Yoast has helped lead the way when it comes to SEO best practices and helped us take our SEO service to a level that can only be described as best-in-class.


Nozak Consulting also utilizes Screaming Frog, an SEO firm that provides additional in-depth metrics for on-page technical SEO, and helps us dig deeper into the technicalities of your HTML, CSS, 404s, 500s, protocols, content, header, & meta issues. Another level of checks to ensure we are following best practices within our dental web developments.
You can count on our team to keep our fingers on the pulse of your website & how it performs again Google updates & changing web development trends. The moment anything changes, Screaming Frog gives us the ability to quickly diagnose your website, giving us the information to make changes accordingly.

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Why your dental practice needs a new website

If your website has not been updated within the last 3 years, don’t wait any longer. Nozak Consulting can help you create a fully optimized website that brings new patients right to the front door of your Tulsa dental practice. When combined with our monthly SEO services, you can rest assured that your advertising dollars are literally being invested into a website that can generate sales and new patients for years to come.

Why Choose Nozak Consulting For Your Dental SEO

Nozak Consulting has partnered with businesses across multiple industries and helped them maximize their reach by utilizing best in class SEO and web development. We help dental practices reach an additional potential-patient generator, by ranking in Google SERPs.
This page includes just a few of the ways that we work to bring your website to the very top of search results and help your dental practice succeed. Anything is possible over time.