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We’ve helped quite a few businesses right here in Tulsa with their SEO and Web Development. Our work includes everything from businesses that focus on the local market, to those who’s reach extends beyond Oklahoma, nationwide and even internationally. We’ve partnered with Tulsa businesses across multiple industries and we’re proud of the creative solutions that have come as a result of those partnerships. Here are a few of the businesses that we’ve recently partnered with:


Eagle Wrecker & Towing Logo

  • Traffic Value Increase 90% 90%
  • KEYWORDS 100+% 100+%

Keywords Comparison:

Before: < 100

After:     800+

External Links:

Before: < 200

After:     1,300


Eagle Wrecker had been paying for SEO services at a rate of $800 per month and only had a 2 page website to show for it with very little web traffic, and absolutely horrible search result rankings.

We’ve consistently seen this: business paying for SEO on auto-pilot that doesn’t produce results.

That’s why we provide weekly reports to every single client so they can see where they’re growing and where we’re course correcting.

That’s where we started. With a new optimized web build from our team at Nozak Consulting and consistent monthly SEO service, we were able to quickly start gaining ground in the SERPs and the phone started ringing quickly at Eagle HQ.

Within the next 6 months Eagle had climbed to the #1 search result for wrecker and towing services right here in Tulsa.

In fact Eagle shows up as the #1 search result for over 20 different search terms. They’re hard to miss if you need a tow here in Tulsa.

If you’ve got questions about how exactly we took Eagle Wrecker to the very top of search results or want to know how we can do the same for your business, contact us.



Technology Solutions Logo

  • Traffic Value Increase 95% 95%
  • KEYWORDS INCREASE 100+% 100+%



Technology Solutions simply had no idea on what they were missing out on when it came to SEO and a fully optimized website. They were able to extend their reach by leaps and bounds after our partnership.

We’ve consistently seen this: business who have no idea that their missing potential clients and sales due to a lack of SEO.

That’s why we provide a competitive analysis from the very beginning when we work with your business, so you can see exactly where you stack up against your competition.

That’s where we took action. With a new optimized web build from our team at Nozak Consulting and consistent monthly SEO service, we were able to quickly start gaining ground in the SERPs and the emails started coming in at Tech Solutions.

Within the next few months Tech Solutions saw massive gains on every metric that we look at for SEO in their industry.

In fact Technology Solutions shows up for quite a few #1 search terms when it comes to IT Services.

If you’ve got questions about how exactly we helped Tech Solutions or want to know how we can do the same for your business, contact us.


chc official logo



Creative Hair Center had a robust website that had slowly degraded over time, breaking down to the point where online purchases could no longer be made, and they were no longer visible on Google search results.

Our web development team built a new, mobile first website that made it easy for customers to find Creative Hair Center right here in Tulsa, and made it even easier for customers to purchase hair restoration products on their website.

With a fully optimized website, and regular monthly SEO service, Creative Hair Center was able to start gaining grown again in search results and drive customers to their door with increased web traffic.

We were able to bring Creative Hair Center’s website forward into the 21st century and get them back in search results helping more men and women than ever with hair loss solutions.


Prestige Roofing And Remodeling

  • Traffic Value Increase 73% 73%
  • KEYWORDS 100+% 100+%


Prestige Roofing & Remodeling had a website that was not providing results for their business. We focused on cleaning up directories while building their new optimized site.

We’ve seen several business that have a website, but it’s not properly optimized, and not bringing in sales.

That’s why our web development team focuses on optimizing sites from the very beginning so that your site turns into a lead generating machine.

That’s where we came in: With a new optimized web build from our team at Nozak Consulting and consistent monthly SEO service, we were able to help Prestige Roofing start attracting the right kind of attention online.

We believe that long form content wins the day when it comes to SEO because we’ve seen it work time after time for our clients. Many local businesses here in Tulsa start out with a small website that may only have a few pages, and never grows within the search results.

We think that’s a bad investment.

We also think that your website should always be working hard for you, increasing your online visibility and drawing in new business.  That’s why we build in long form content that Google will identify the very first time your site is crawled so that you start winning from the very beginning.

Our SEO team also continually builds new content for your site and helps you increase within organic search results.

Our SEO and web development pack a powerful 1-2 punch for any business.

Digital Marketing Lab Podcast

A 10 Minute toolbox

The Digital Marketing Lab Podcast is a 10 minute toolbox full of actual practical SEO, web development and digital marketing advice for any business with a online presence. William and Dave cover easy to follow advice to help your website get to the next level.

We go in depth on SEO, step by step actions that you can take for your business organization. We cover quick steps that you can take to start optimizing your website and gain ground within the search results.

Interviews With Successful Tulsa Business Owners

We regularly interview successful business owners from right here in Tulsa, sharing their wisdom and great advice on you can win with your business and customers.

From auto shops to opticians we interview businesses from a wide range of industries. There is always value delivered in these wide ranging and interesting conversations.


We believe in sharing what we’ve learned over the years when it comes to SEO practices that actually work. On our SEO page we cover specific lessons from SEO basics all the way through various ways you can audit your website to make sure you’re not hurting yourself when it comes to SEO. Over on the Nozak Consulting blog we cover a wider range of business and marketing subjects from web design to best business practices that we’ve seen grow businesses right here in Tulsa.


The very best of what we’ve learned and what we’re currently learning. SEO is constantly changing, and no matter where your starting, there is something on this page for you.  From basic, foundational principles of SEO to more advance on and off page practices that you can put to use right away.  Our goal is simply to share what we’ve found success with for our business partners right here in Tulsa by using best in class SEO practices.


A Wide range of articles where we cover not only SEO, but also best in class web design practices, how to think about SEO when you’re building your site and timeless business principles. We also cover specific SEO and web development practices for various industries. With multiple categories, no matter what your business does, we sincerely believe you’ll find some valuable digital marketing information on the Nozak Consulting blog.


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