Search Engine Optimization is what we do best. Helping businesses everyday like yours win the battle for search rankings. From auto parts to roofing contractors, wine shops and everything in between. We partner with businesses from all industries to help them make SEO work to their advantage and help their business win. We believe in a strong online community and share what we’re learning about search engine optimization right here. Take a look around and we hope that you find value in what you read. If you’re completely new to search engine optimization please check out our Search Engine Optimization Basics page.  It will get you started on learning a solid foundation for search engine optimization best practices and have you gaining ground in no time.



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Search Engine Optimization For Business Owners

We started N|C after launching our own successful local and online businesses.  Once we started learning about how incredible search engine optimization is and what a massive difference it can make for a business, we couldn’t stop learning more. We started sharing that knowledge with fellow business owners and out of that, Nozak Consulting was launched. Since launching we’ve helped countless business transform their online presence and make massive shifts in the amount of business they bring in on a regular basis.

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Search Strategy


Already have a grasp of search engine optimization basics? Then these articles may be helpful for you. We learn a lot from trial and error and we like to talk about the tough lessons learned along the way. We’re big fans of Ahrefs and like to talk about how to use it to give you a massive advantage when it comes to ranking better online. Ahrefs isn’t the only tool though. We’ll share with you our tools and best practices so that you can help yourself and stay educated along your journey as well.

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Search Engine Optimization Basics


Everyone has to start somewhere – and we’re glad that you’re here! If you’re just starting to learn about search engine optimization, these articles are a great place to start. From basic definitions to starting to understand exactly what steps you take to begin optimizing your website, these articles will help you get started. We started just like this too, reading every piece of content we could find online and trying to figure out just how exactly we can add it to our businesses website.