Content Marketing for Franchises

Concise franchise content marketing is essential for franchise owners who are looking to expand the page counts on their websites.

Our copywriters and content team have written for franchises as large as 700 units and we are equipped to cover a wide range of industries and can capture your franchise’s unique value proposition, vision, and voice in each extended service page, city landing page or other.

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Developing Personas:

 The most important part of drafting relevant content is developing prospective investors’ personas that you’d like to attract.

 For some franchisors, their target audience could be recent college grads looking to start their first career.

 For others, their target audience might be current corporate employees who are thinking about starting their own business.

 No matter who your audience is, we know you likely understand those personas needs better than we do and our teams can follow goals and aspirations in order to scale this language for all zee’s to benefit from.

 Next, we use these personas to guide our content creation process to determine what type of content will reach them effectively. Our process is to build a guide and samples that keep us tightly performing against a set of standards.

City Pages & Extended Service Pages

Your local franchisee needs more pages to compete. You can’t expect the carpet cleaning pages to rank for tile & grout or vice versa. 


We develop a writer’s guide & samples that can be given to our team of writers to produce high quality, extremely similar, but uniquely written content to give these franchisees an ability to compete better at the local level against other businesses in the space. 


We help your organization harness the authority of your franchise web property in order to take more local ground for franchisees.

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SEO Content Publishing Calendars:


Are you in need of national content that wins for 1 & 2 keywords/phrases? We can research, write, and manage a content calendar months in advance that spells out exactly what topics we will write about in blogs, downloadable assets, video production, and other content that you’d like.


As the subject matter expert, you’ll be heavily involved in this stage to help us determine the most relevant topics for your business.


Rank Higher In Search Engines With Local SEO


Reach More Prospective Customers and Potential Franchise Owners


Increase Franchise Profitability and Return On Investment


 One of the most popular franchise content marketing strategies that we offer our clients is regular SEO-optimized blogging.

 Nozak Consulting can set up a blog platform on your franchising website, and we’ll draft and post relevant, unique, engaging content regularly.

 Our expert content creators can help you leverage your website’s authority by creating content that not only resonates with your audience but helps push your Google acquisition strategy to new heights..

 Because they allow us to integrate keywords that your target customers are searching for, blogs are an excellent inbound marketing tool. Your blog is a perfect way to keep your website competitive in search rankings to increase your franchise brand’s conversion rate, turning prospects into investors.

 Additionally, by incorporating hyper-local geographic keywords into your blog posts and articles, you can boost your local SEO efforts.


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Here are a few statistics to show you why blogging should be at the top of your franchise marketing efforts: 

  • Long-form blog posts create nine times more leads than short-form posts
  • Blogging continues to be the #1 marketing strategy among many companies
  • Over 81% of online consumers trust the information that they find in blogs

 As you can see, blogs are easy ways to catch your target customers’ attention and provide them with relevant information that they’re looking for.

 You never know which piece of content might be the one to turn a prospect into a customer.

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Ebooks, Downloadables, and Whitepapers

Downloadable content tends to provide quick, concise facts (such as infographics), give in-depth information on a given topic (such as eBooks), or serves as a summary of your franchise’s investments (whitepapers).

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Franchise Infographic Creation

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Ebook Creation for Franchises

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Whitepapers For Your Franchise

Gap Analysis

Before we even get started, we’ll perform an in-depth analysis of your current franchise content marketing to identify gaps that may prevent prospective franchisees from converting into leads.

After performing our analysis, we’ll begin either adding new content and updating any content you may already have to ensure that your content is doing its job of getting prospects to contact you.


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Email Marketing

Franchise businesses are just like any other business when it comes to the benefits of digital marketing.

Our marketing team can leverage email marketing for your franchise to:

  • Increase sales
  • Engage customers and prospects
  • Build brand awareness
  • Build loyalty and repeat business

Let’s discuss how your franchise can benefit from content marketing for franchises.

Please speak with one of our franchise content marketing specialists to tell us about your franchise’s goals and how we can help you crush them.