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If you use a website for your business, you need SEO Consulting



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SEO Consulting Is An Investment For Your Future

SEO Consulting founded on principles and updated with the very latest changes.


Our team here at Nozak Consulting has built our reputation on honest, straightforward SEO services for businesses across multiple verticals. We have one consistent focus in mind when it comes to and SEO consultation in the form of a question: “How can we maximize long term ROI for the client’s website with SEO?”.

We don’t believe in chasing short term results, we believe in applying SEO best practices that are tried and true and work for any client’s site, no matter how big or how small.

We do SEO the right way by building a foundation for your website to stand on for years to come. Every action our team takes is rooted in research and in-depth analysis. We take the time up front to make sure that we understand your business, your market and your current positioning before we advance to more tactical aspects of our consultation.

SEO is an investment and our SEO Consultants can help you invest into your website the right way.

When you work with the Nozak Consulting SEO Consulting team, you can count on the implementation of SEO best practices for every aspect of your website. We’ve studied and been trained by the best in the industry. We help businesses every week with key insights regarding every aspect of SEO from on page, to off page and everything in between. We’ll provide you with information that you can use to strengthen the infrastructure of your website and lay a foundation for more advance and technical SEO adjustments.

Our team is constantly learning and staying on the very edge of the latest changes within the current search landscape. Our consultant team is comprised of life long learners who fully understand that SEO is constantly changing and what may have worked previously is not always guaranteed to continue working in the future. Once we’ve helped you establish a baseline for your site’s SEO, we can then help you dig deeper and fine tune multiple aspects of your SEO to help you start gaining ground.

What’s Included In SEO Consulting?

Site Structure
Keyword Research
Internal Linking Strategy
Schema/JSON-LD Markup
Site Audits
Fine Tuning SEO
Page Specific Analysis
Page Speed Analysis
Local SEO
Google Lighthouse Optimization
Yoast Plugin Configuration
Link Building
Duplicate Content
Content Optimization
Competitive Intelligence Reporting

If you use a website for your business, you need SEO Consulting

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Get A Complete Audit Of Your SEO and Your Competition With a competitive intelligence report.

Our consultants know how to pull back the curtain on your competition in multiple ways to help you not only see how you size up against them within your market’s search results, but also expose areas that your organization can capitalize on.

We use multiple industry leading tools to analyze both your site, and your top competitors. You can receive a full report that is broken down in an easy to understand way. Our team can also help you layout clear action steps to start gaining ground immediately within the search results. You’ll be armed with every piece of information you need in order to make major course corrections and help your site build momentum.

Understand Your Search Traffic

You may know some data points already about your site’s performance, but a competitive intelligence report from Nozak Consulting will go deeper showing you insights about every aspect of your web traffic, both paid and organic.

We’ll provide you with these very same data points for your top competitors and provide side by side analysis so that you can understand where your weaknesses and opportunities are.

We cover key data points that include: traffic share, marketing channels, top referring sites, top referring categories and a break down of you and your competitors search traffic paid and organic.

Our online presence analysis includes a breakdown of social media traffic and analysis of URL strength and DR.

Site Structure Clean Up

If the core structure of your website is in need of repair, we’ll help you. Every SEO tactic or trick in the book can’t make up for poor site structure. Our consultants are Yoast certified and have been trained specifically for site structure analysis and repair.

Solid site structure enables Google to be able to easily understand your website. When your site has a solid structure in place, a foundation is provided for SEO success.

Site structure done right will ensure that Google can easily read and understand your site. We always see client’s rewarded for site structure improvements by increased rankings.

Our consultants will help you identify multiple ways to improve your site’s structure and make it easy for Google to understand.

Understand Your Searchers

Our in depth reporting includes a deep dive into the specific language that searchers are using when they’re looking for you, your competitors and your products or services.

Google rewards websites who provide answers to questions that users are searching for.

A big part of gaining ground within search results is using the language that resonates with searchers. This can oftentimes be different from the language that you may be using on your site.

Our SEO consulting team can provide in depth analysis for your products and services to help you improve the on-page language used in order to help searchers find your website.


Unmatched Keyword Research

Our team can help you identify and implement the correct keywords for your entire site. We take things a step further by also helping you create a long-tail keyword strategy to help grow your organic search traffic.

Our keyword research is simply unmatched by means of research, analysis and implementation. You will not find a more knowledgeable team when it comes to keyword research.

With a keyword analysis from Nozak Consulting, you’ll be able to see exactly how you can create content that people are searching for, and increase conversions once they visit your website.

In Depth Content Analysis

It’s not easy to always know if the content on your website is helping or hurting your search ranking. That’s why our SEO consulting team will help you identify pieces of content that are helping you win and let you know how you can add to that content to make it even stronger and gain more ground in search results.

We’ll help you with the competition too, giving you key insights into content that they’re using to win for specific keywords so that you can beat them at their own game, or create content that clearly differentiates your website to beat them out within the organic search results.


SWOT Analysis

Our SEO Consulting SWOT Analysis report gives your team a 30,000 ft. view of all the data we’ve collected and analyzed and lays out clear action steps for your team to move forward with.

You’ll be able to see where your website stands compared to your closest competitors, capitalize on every SEO opportunity that we’ve identified and strengthen your weakest points to minimize your competitor’s advantages.

Our team can help you create a detailed action plan and help you execute that plan with industry leading SEO.

Get a clear picture of your SEO with Nozak Consulting

Many organizations have a clear idea of where they are headed with a clear mission and benchmark goals set along the way. However, when it comes to SEO, many businesses have not properly optimized their website to support their mission and goals.

It’s a lot like having a car that you could drive to help get you to your destination, but instead you’re riding horseback and pulling the car with a rope. It’s slowing you down, when in reality it could be carrying you a good portion of the way to your mission and goals.

Our SEO consultants can help you make the transition from horse to car or bus or whatever your website needs to be to actually help your organization reach its goals.  We’ll help you take your site from being a liability and turn it into a driving force, lead generating machine.
You already know where you want to go, we’ll optimize your website to help you get there faster.

Take Advantage Of Massive Opportunities To Reach New Customers With SEO Consulting

Our SEO consulting team can help you reach more customers through organic search by providing information that people are searching for.

We know that you work hard every day to get the word out and reach as many people as possible through multiple channels. Having a fully optimized website gives you a stronger channel to reach people searching for your exact products and solutions.

We see it every week with businesses that we work with. SEO consulting can make a huge difference for your website’s online reach. We’ll help you optimize your website and set the stage for success for years to come with a solid SEO strategy and implementation.

Get Your Business To The Top of Google Search Results

You may get the same spam emails that promise page one results for your website and “Secret strategies” and just not see the difference in one SEO agency from the other.

When you boil it down there are really two types of SEO consulting groups out there:

  • Those who promise immediate results, take your money, do fast and sloppy work and have their results quickly disappear within a few months.
  • Those who focus on SEO best practices, help you invest in your website and promise results over the long haul, helping you build momentum in climbing your way up through search results.

Nozak Consulting believes that SEO consulting done right can have a massive impact on your website for years to come. We’ll help you lay the foundation for success right now, but make sure that it’s done properly to ensure continuing online success with organic search.

SEO consulting can help your site move towards the top of search results and help you stay there once you’ve achieved optimal positioning.

Like Having Your Own In-House SEO Team

When you bring our team on board for SEO consulting, it’s like having your own in-house specialized SEO department. We treat your business as if it was our own.

Nozak Consulting’s team will become your SEO team throughout the entire consultation process. We’ll be working directly with your team to make sure that we have a full understanding of your business, your services and most importantly, your customers. Every business partnership that we have always starts with understanding what is important to your organization and your customers.

Have you always wanted a dedicated SEO team?

Now you’ve got one.

SEO Consulting FAQ

What is the difference of organic search results vs. paid search results?

Organic search results are based on the ranking of websites depending on the user’s query. SEO can help a website optimize both the on page and off page content in order to improve its ranking in organic search results.

Paid search results consist of websites that have paid in order to be displayed on the search results page based on a specific keyword or search query. Paid search results are typically identifiable with a small, green “Ad” below the search result. You will see paid search results on most queries in Google at the top and bottom of each search result page.

How do I increase my organic search ranking?

Organic search rankings can be improved in a number of ways by implementing SEO best practices and working to optimize your website.

The first step in any optimization should be identifying the keywords that you are wanting your site and specific site pages to rank for. This will provide a roadmap of the types of content that you will need to create.

Nozak Consulting believes that building long form content around specific keywords can significantly help your website gain ground within organic search rankings.

What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting is the process of analyzing a website from multiple perspectives including on page content, off page content, URL rating, Domain Rating, external backlinks, internal linking and more. Based on the analysis, SEO consultants can provide guidance on how to improve a website to increase the rank of that website within search results for specific keywords.

A higher ranking leads to more traffic that is searching for products and services that your business provides.

If you use a website for your business, you need SEO Consulting