Marketing Automation

Lead Management Built Around Automating Repetitive Tasks!

Create customer road maps that

capture and convert hot leads.

Capture new leads from every marketing channel your business has and then develop them with personalized messages.

Automate repetitive processes like educating new subscribers, classifying leads, booking appointments and following up with sales leads.

Change your customer’s journey based on actions they take or don’t take with your emails.

Automate the division ad handling of hot, warm, and cold leads.

Customize for multiple channels

connect with every customer.

No matter how many different entry points you create for your customers, Nozak Consulting helps you carve out the perfect path to conversion.

With our marketing automation system, your leads automatically move down the funnel so that by the time you speak to them, they are considering becoming your customer.

That’s marketing automation that pays for itself.

Put your sales process on autopilot

and optimize conversion points.

Not all leads are created equal. Spend more time closing hot leads.

Let automation nurture or warm up the rest.

Our team  designs seamless automatons for new and existing contacts so that you don’t spend time on the phone with less qualified leads.

We closely monitor how the funnel is working so that updates can be made to more effectively handle hot, warm, and cold leads.

That’s end-to-end digital marketing.

That’s Nozak Consulting.


Intuitive systems

that keep your business moving forward.


Lighten the weight of moving your business forward with automated email marketing.

We understand you don’t have the time, ANY LONGER, to guess which leads to follow up on. 

The stakes are too high to attempt to manage your leads in a spreadsheet. Does a lead that doesn’t instantly close or shifts from hot to cold just fall out of your system?

Let us build a funnel that will catch, warm up, nurture, and educate your contacts & leads. Build with momentum with automated marketing. 

Automated Email Marketing

Isn’t Just For Large Organizations

Learn how automated email marketing supercharges your growth.

How do you keep up with running your business and not waste time sifting through all of your leads?

Automated Email Marketing puts the right systems in place so that your leads are literally on auto-pilot, and they only reach your inbox when they’re ready to close.

No more wasting hours on the phone with luke-warm and cold leads.

We design funnels that resonate with your brand and the way you business to create a seamless vetting process for your leads.  

This frees up your time for more important things and takes the headache out of your sales process.

How Does Automated Email Marketing Work?

Automated Email Marketing provides consistent connection between you and your customers by allowing you to map out consistent emails for different customer segments, including specific email journeys and content that ultimately results in a higher conversion rate. Typically automated via triggers, user segments, journeys, timers, etc. 

Get more from your leads than you ever have before.

Start building your automated email marketing ecosystem today with Nozak Consulting.

Spending money on marketing is smarter when you have a system to nurture and warm up the not-so steamy hot leads.


Spent money, got contacts, very few conversions.


Invest in automation that illuminates high-quality leads.


Tried Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or old fashioned one-off emails.


Improve your ROI by investing in your leads.

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