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Franchise Industry LMS is The Ultimate Online Training Solution

While franchises come in all types and sizes, they all have one thing in common: the need to drive brand quality and consistent service across your business model is essential to success.

You spend a lot of time and money to market and sell your brand’s quality and consistency, but do all of your franchise locations live up to your branding expectations?

What’s essential for businesses with multiple locations is that the customers enjoy a consistent brand experience no matter where they are, be it Tulsa or Tallahassee.

Build Consistent Customer Experiences through Franchise Learning Management Systems


Did you know that producing one hour of distance learning materials and shows takes 90-240 hours on average? Another research by Chapman Alliance conducted back in 2010 states that an hour of eLearning costs ~$10,000 to produce. (and that’s just for a simple course).  


And that doesn’t even consider the price of gathering all of your franchise owners and employees from multiple locations.


Our online course creating for franchises can help you standardize the customer experience by providing cost-effective and consistent training programs in a fraction of the time and expense of on-site training.

Online Course Creation for Franchisors and Franchisees

Nozak Consulting’s course design experts can provide you with an online, centralized eLearning platform to enable you to easily manage your franchise’s training programs:


Throughout your Widely-Dispersed Geographic Locations.


Across your Large and Forever-Changing Employee Roster.


From the Comfort of your Franchise's Corporate Office

Other Benefits of Franchise LMS

If the benefits of delivering consistent service and brand quality aren’t enough for you, our LMS can be used to provide comprehensive training to help:


Boost New Franchise Startups


Reduce Field Training Expenses


Increase Operational Efficiency


Increase Franchisee Performance


Foster Positive Customer Relations


Maintain Employee Proficiency

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Please speak with one of our online course creation coaches to tell us about your idea and learn how we create high-quality courses for experts like you.

Professionally Made Online Courses For Franchisors and Franchisees


Our team of franchise course strategists, copywriters, curriculum developers, videographers, designers, and web developers serve as your course creation team; you provide the course topic and course outline, and we:


Custom Tailor Your Course Idea and Positioning for Sellability


Create a Storyboard for Your Course


Design Beautiful Templates for Your Course Content


Create Branded Templates for Your Tools, Training Materials, Worksheets, and Guides


Produce High-Quality Videos to Help you Present Your Curriculum


Brand Your Course's Hosting Platform


Complete Technical Setup of Your Course Hosting Platform and Input Your Course's Content


Write and Design Your Course Sales Page


Promote Your Course to Your Franchisees and Employees

Free 15 Minute Done For You Consultion

Please speak with one of our online course creation coaches to tell us about your idea and learn how we create high-quality courses for experts like you.

How Nozak Consulting Can Help You With Franchise Online Course Creation

We work with franchisors and franchisees who are ready to decrease their training spend while still providing remote training courses.

We’ve helped successful franchises create online courses such as:


Standard Operating Procedures

sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Compliance


Training on New Equipment and Techniques


Teaching New Franchise Partners Brand Expectation


Providing Customer Service to Franchising Businesses

Our Custom Online Course Creation Process

Step 1: Meet Your Project Manager

Before the first lesson plan is written, you will meet with your dedicated project manager to create a creation schedule for your online course.

This project manager will serve as your point of contact throughout your project to answer any questions and scheduling (no need to read and answer emails from multiple people and manage an entire course creation team.)

Step 2: Create a Strategy

We will zone in on your franchise’s needs during the strategy phase to ensure that you meet your goals and create a transformation statement that will guide the entire course creation process. You’ll be better equipped in determining what content to include and what content to omit.

Step 3: Course Design and Creation

Our curriculum development experts will work with you in creating your course content storyboard. This storyboard will layout every module of your course, every tool, and your desired learning outcomes in one easy-to-read document.

Next, our design team gets to work, creating your custom-made slide deck, tool template, videos, and online course hosting portal.

Finally, our tech team will complete your course hosting platform’s technical setup and input all of your content so that your course is ready to welcome your franchise owners and employees.


Step 4: Promotion

We will create assets for you to share online and help you promote your courses through employee mailing lists, company portals, and other avenues.


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