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Nozak Conulting helps Tulsa businesses win every day with strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



We build websites that are optimized from day 1. We help you gain ground in search results and convert visitors.



Take your customer engagement to the next level and extend the reach of your business. We’ll show you how.



Storytelling and helpful information that draws new customers into your business and builds loyalty.



Nozak Conulting helps Tulsa businesses each week with strategic branding that continues to expand their reach.



We help Tulsa businesses with best in class information that serves a dual purpose of informing and converting.



Nozak Consulting can help your Tulsa business with strategic PPC Ad placement to help your advertising budget go further.



We’ve helped businesses here in Tulsa re-launch their brand and  increase revenue.  We can help you too.

How do you rebrand your local Tulsa business to compete against national chains?

We partnered with Hercules Tire & Auto Repair to face this challenge head on and came out with an incredible ROI.

Nozak Consulting partnered with Prestige Roofing And Remodeling to launch a new website that increased their traffic and their ranking in search results.

Our web development team builds sites that work on any device and make it easy for local Tulsa customers to find you.

Nozak Consulting partnered with Eagle Wrecker And Towing with a new website and Tulsa SEO work that brought them to the very top of local search results

Our team works hard to make sure that your investment in SEO brings local Tulsa customers right to your door.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

  • Avg traffic value increase 65% 65%

Traffic Value is simply the potential amount of money that people could spend on your products or services. Simple – yes, but a big deal for your Tulsa based business. That’s why we measure your traffic value from day one and work on increasing it consistently over the term of our partnership. Increased traffic value for your website equates to increased revenue for your business.

  • Average ROI 80% 80%

Return on investment is what we bet our business on every day. We know that when you partner with our team at Nozak Consulting that you’re putting your brand into our hands, and we take that trust very seriously. That’s why we consistently monitor and manage your business to make sure that you see a significant ROI. We don’t believe in one size fits all. We believe in using right strategy specific to your business.

  • Avg DR Increase 55% 55%

Domain rating is the way that your site is scored and has a significant impact on how you show up in search results. Think of it as your credit score, but for your website. As your DR increases over time, search engines like Google become more inclined to trust you with a higher ranking in search results for more and more keywords within your industry. We can help you dominate the Tulsa market with a DR that keeps gaining.

We know that every savvy business owner keeps track of the metrics that make or break a business.

That’s why Nozak Consulting focuses on one thing: results.

We’ll try anything and everything until we find the right combination for your specific Tulsa business.

We’ve helped so many of our fellow business owners right here in Tulsa and we’d love to help you too.

How Can Nozak Consulting Help Your Business?


Drive more traffic to your website and directly to your business by making sure that you show up in search results where it matters most. Nozak Consulting can help you claim your space right here in the Tulsa market by building a strong web presence and providing regular consistent SEO services that help you gain ground in the search results and make your phone ring.


Once you’ve partnered with Nozak Consulting you’ll see increased web traffic. Our team will help you be prepared for that increased traffic with well designed funnels that convert your visitors into customers. We make websites that are mobile friendly and easy to navigate specifically for your target market. We’ll help your business convert customers right here in Tulsa and beyond.


Nozak Consulting can help you expand your business to start selling your products and services directly from your own website. With unlimited customization options we can sell almost any product or service you offer directly from your website. Empower your team to do more by incorporating online sales into your business.


Clean up your online contact information across multiple directories for your business and make sure that your business shows up consistently and without any conflicting information. Nozak Consulting focuses on the fundamentals of solid SEO practices to make sure that we set your business up for success and that you see an ROI from your partnership with us.


Nozak Consulting uses best in class tools to help you learn even more about your customers and invest your advertising dollars wisely. We don’t believe in one size fits all for business. We’ll make sure your site fits your brand and message. With certifications from Industry leaders like AHREFS and Yoast SEO, you can trust our team to take your business to the top of search results for Tulsa.


Our team understands building businesses because we came together as business owners from the very start of Nozak Consulting. Regardless of your customer base when B2C or B2B you partner with us, you’ll get us for the long haul. No taking the money and run here. We only play the long game.

Tulsa Businesses That We Partner With:

We’ve called Tulsa home from day one.

That’s why we love helping our fellow Tulsans with their businesses every day.  Across multiple industries, we help businesses grow and succeed every day with best in class SEO services, web design and digital marketing that works. 

Join the Nozak Consulting family and find out how your business can succeed

Get reports that show you exactly where your dollars are spent

“There’s no such thing as ‘Set it and forget it’ when it comes to a solid SEO strategy. We play the long game and we focus on offense when it comes to helping our Tulsa business partners succeed.”

-William Nozak (Founder and CEO)

Have you paid for SEO services in the past here in Tulsa and not received clear answers when you ask to be shown how your money was spent.

That won’t happen at Nozak Consulting.

We track metrics for our Tulsa business partners on a weekly basis.

We never take our finger off of the pulse of your website so that we can anticipate and adapt quickly to any challenges that your business faces.


There’s quite a bit that goes into successful SEO for any business. We track specific key metrics for your business that are based on your industry, your competitors and the local market right here in Tulsa. We take a full circle approach when it comes to measuring and managing your SEO.

Tracking The Metrics That Help Your Business Grow


Domain Authority/Rating is calculated by evaluating many different factors about your website, including the strength of sites linking to your website, number of total links and more.

This information is compiled into a single DR score. This score is then used when comparing your site to your competition or tracking the overall health of your website over time.


There is very much a right and wrong way to go about building backlinks for your business’s website. Like many other ranking factors with SEO the rules for building a strong backlink profile change with each new Google update.

Nozak Consulting works diligently to build strong, reputable backlink profiles for each of our clients that stand the test of time and help their sites gain ground in search results.

URL Rating

URL Rating helps us measure the strength website’s backlink profile and gives us a better understanding of where your site will rank in Google search results.

URL ratings are measured on a scale of 1 (weakest) to 100 (strongest). We consistenly build our business partner’s URL rating over time with our SEO services.


We believe in laser focused key word goals that only begin with extensive and thurough research. Our team works directly with your business to obtain a deep understanding of what words matter most to you and your customers.

It’s easy to obtain a large number of keywords for your site, but quality matters here way more than quantity. When you partner with us you’ll be receiving quality keywords.

“It almost pains me to say this but I’ve tried multiple options for advertising, and to date, no advertising has come remotely close to matching my ROI with Nozak Consulting.”

-George Dakil
(Owner, Precision Optical Ok)

“We’ve already seen significant results with William and his team in a very short amount of time and we look forward to a great relationship for many years to come. “

-Kevin Shoemaker
(Owner, Technology Solutions)

Certified From The Very Best In The Industry

Our team at Nozak Consulting is certified by Yoast SEO, the industry leader in SEO standards. We use the same techniques and practices that help companies like Disney everyday to help Tulsa businesses win.

Yoast Certified Badge 1

Yoast Certified Badge 4



A 10 minute toolbox for digital marketing covering everything from business growth strategies to practical tactics that you can start using right away to help your business grow.

In addition to SEO and Web Development we interview Tulsa business owners about their strategies and business growth principles that are specific to the Tulsa market.


Digital marketing, SEO and Web Design are constantly changing. The NC blog is a great resource for the latest information that you need to be aware of when it comes to running your business online.

We cover action steps that you can take right away and show you the exact tools that we use every day so that you can start winning online with your business.


See episodes of the DML podcast in video format. Dave and William sit down and cover the tools and tactics that you start using today to help your business succeed and increase your reach online

We publish additional videos on this channel that cover everything from SEO copywriting to site structure and core web development/SEO principles.

SEO That Helps Tulsa Businesses Win:

We’re a local business with a national reach and we love helping our fellow business owners right here in Tulsa.

When you partner with us, we fully expect to earn your trust over time as we help your business grow. There are no dumb questions, only finding what works best for your business.

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