Nozak Consulting was created out of William Nozak’s constant goal of learning new ways to grow his businesses. This led him down a path of in-depth learning about SEO and Web Development.

Already having an MBA from Oral Roberts University, and running multiple successful business ventures, William had actively been using social media to expand his businesses and had begun teaching other business owners how they could use the internet to expand their business, even if it was only serving the local market.

William started creating websites for fellow business owners right here in Tulsa, and providing monthly SEO services all while starting to see amazing results.

William and Dave had previously worked together on multiple music projects in the early 2000’s, and were both ORU graduates. They reconnected almost a decade later in Tulsa.

Dave has received web development certifications from Treehouse, and freeCodeCamp, and had started building websites.

Once Dave returned to Oklahoma, he and William teamed up and began the expansion of Nozak Consulting.

When Dave and William began combining their skill-sets, they saw incredible results and began helping more and more businesses.

Elizabeth is a Master of the English language with a relentless passion for research and an eye
for detail that surpasses normality.

Having worked within the private sector for many well-known corporations, she gained direct
experience within finance, insurance, education, eCommerce, and the IT sector. Communication
has always been fundamental to her success in roles that spanned sales, marketing, support,
product, business, and channel management.

For the past five years, she has committed herself fully to the role of lead copywriter and
researcher; combining a plethora of skills and experience from her past, to deliver word-perfect,
well-researched professional content that compels readers and inspires them to take action.
Her words make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

Based in the beautiful City of Cambridge, England; Elizabeth is a devoted mum, a life-long F1
enthusiast, and loves to spend time outdoors.

Trea graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He worked in Oklahoma as an electrical engineer for nearly seven years before leaving his job to pursue other lifelong goals.

Trea met William at a co-working space in Tulsa.

Once Trea saw how much impact SEO can have on local businesses, he was instantly interested in joining the team.

Since then our team has grown and become certified by both Yoast SEO and AHREFS, both being industry leaders in SEO. This has given our team an in-depth understanding of what it takes for any business to succeed, no matter which industry or market that they’re competing in.

We’ve helped over 50 businesses, here in Tulsa and beyond, with new websites and monthly SEO services that have taken their businesses to new heights, including taking many of them to the #1 search result for their service and products.

Our team is ready to partner with your business to help you reach the next level of growth.


The Digital Marketing Lab podcast is a weekly podcast where Dave and William sit down and share SEO tactics, best practices, as well as web development insights specifically related to wordpress.

We also sit down and interview successful business owners from right here in Tulsa.

We cover SEO, Web Development, IT Solutions, Business development and more.


Our team teaches your team exactly what they need to know to run your website properly and how to actively increase the SEO factors for your organization’s website.


Have our team show and guide your team through step by step processes for increasing the optimization of your website.

We’ll show you the same techniques that we use every week to help businesses grow, and gain rank in the search results.

Over 3 days, we’ll educate your team, and help them apply solid SEO principles right to your website as we progress through the workshop. These principles give your team the power to continually update your website and keep it optimized, helping more people find your business online.

We’ve helped both non-profit organizations and businesses of all sizes through our SEO bootcamp.


Our team can show your staff exactly how to use and optimize your wordpress website from proper taxonomy, to optimized copywriting.

We’ll show you the same techniques that we use every week to build wordpress websites that are power-houses

Over 3 days, we’ll educate your team, and help them apply solid SEO and web design principles right to your website as we progress through the workshop. These principles give your team the power to continually update your website, from adding new pages, and blog posts.

We love teaching teams how to maximize their wordpress website.


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