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We get to the core of your brand and help you with rebranding through a process of strategy, identity, expression, and alignment. The end result is a rebranding of your story. An authentic, new story that fosters an rich relationship between you and your customers.


Ready for a change?  Our rebranding services can help you re-launch your business with a new identity.

You can’t plan for the future without knowing where you stand today. Our Brand Audit process provides a clear and honest look at the way your brand is currently perceived. We begin by getting to know your audience on the deepest level, conducting customer interviews designed to glean their perceptions, motivations and needs. We then carry out in-depth reviews of your existing communications and competitive landscape, bringing to light your brand’s real-world influence and begin the rebranding process.

We then work on your Brand Positioning. There, we identify what uniquely differentiates your brand in the minds of your customers. Our positioning research will identify multiple dimensions of brand personality, unlocking and identifying potential brand meaning. This include hands-on, collaborative exercises that define your core attributes.

Only by truly understanding a brand can you effectively rebrand and craft its image. So, the process of developing an authentic identity is founded on the discoveries made in our brand research phase. The central elements of the Brand Brief—personality, positioning and differentiation—are leveraged to define your brand’s unique characteristics.

Nozak consulting can provide copywriting and content that precisely communicate your brand’s unique value to the marketplace.  We consider enriching your content as a key part of the rebranding process.  It’s content that arrests your audience’s attention and provokes them to engage.   We are obsessed with constant content creation, going to great lengths to ensure that tone and messaging are powerfully and consistently representing your business and providing value.

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Brand Expression

Once you start the journey of rebranding, you’ll want to use brand expression to strengthen your new brand identity.

Brand Expression is the story of your brand as told to the world. We make sure it’s a story they can’t put down.

What sets Nozak Consulting apart is the fact that we’ve run our own successful businesses in the past and understand what it takes to keep a successful business going.  We’ve lived both sides of the brand identity, consumer and proprietor.  We’ll make sure that you’re proud of the outcome and that your customers can turn into loyal, enthusiastic fans.

Brand expression starts with the visual expression of your brand, which is more than just selecting colors and shapes. It is a language, like art, that speaks to people directly with great meaning. There are no rules, but your expression should reflect all the ideas that make up your brand, integrated into a authentic visual style that is consistent with your personality. If your brand is dedicated to a specific service, then it should visually reflect that with warmth and people. If, on the other hand, your brand is about efficiency and reliability, it may have a cooler personality, like many technology manufacturers.

Voice & Tone

It’s a bold step to rebrand, but rebranding consists of more than just creating a new business image.  Nozak Consulting will help you focu on your voice and tone for how you communicate this new brand to your customers and your employees.  When we talk about a “Voice” as it relates to rebranding we are referring to the style of speaking, whether it’s written or aural whenever you brand is communicating.

Tone as relates to rebranding refers to the general feeling that someone gets when they’re viewing your content, whether it’s social media, or an online ad, or and print advertising in your business.  We want to make sure that you’re putting out the right feel to your customers and employees every day.


You are amazing at what you do and know your business inside and out.  If you’e gotten to a point in yor business where your brand no longer communicates a message that represents the services and value that you provide, you probably need a rebrand.  Knowing how to rebrand your business and raise awareness is what we know best.  Whether you have a website, or not, we can help you build your new brand online from the ground up just like you built your physical business.   It all starts with a conversation.  We will make sure that our services are a good fit for your company and start the process from there.  Our team works fast and can start preparing a custom game plan that is specifically taylored for you and your business.  We will design messaging that resonates with your potential customers and with your brand.  Ready to talk?


We have done rebrands for businesses from all over the spectrum.  From towing services and Industry leaders in B2B construction to local start up businesses right here in Oklahoma.  Our design team doesn’t stop until you have a new brand identity that makes you proud and clearly communicates your brand to the world, and most importantly of all, we make sure that your online identity turns into a sales generating machine that is unstoppable.  Ready to start? 


Rebranding could be the only thing preventing your potential customers from finding you online.  Nozak Consulting excels at branding services for companies of any size.   We have taken businesses from no website to domintating their online space and driving traffic to their physical business.  Not sure if your brand is working?  We can audit it for you to make sure that it is actually doing the job that it is supposed to and driving sales for you instead of just looking amazing.  Having a brand that you’re proud of is great, and we can build one for you, but we would much rather help you have a brand that is both amazing looking and that drives traffic for your business.

Let’s talk. 

Hercules Tire

Hercules Tire & Auto Repair

Rebranded and Re-launched their website to become a top competitor in their local market.

battman v3 ipad and iphone

Battman Collision Repair

Launched a new website with us and used our monthly SEO service to dramatically increase their traffic.


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