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Is Your Dispensary Struggling
Stand Out In A Crowded Cannabis Market?

We help cannabis dispensaries with best in class, highly targeted local SEO and marketing that helps you rise to the top of search results and helps customers find you first.
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Did your last marketing effort flop?
Cannabis Marketing from Nozak Consulting 1
Are you spending thousands on advertising and not seeing foot traffic increase?
Cannabis Marketing from Nozak Consulting 1
Can customers find you on Google search?
Cannabis Marketing from Nozak Consulting 1
Are you struggling to get new customers?
Cannabis Marketing from Nozak Consulting 1
Are you tired of competing by spending money on countless giveaways and contests?
Cannabis Marketing from Nozak Consulting 1
Does marketing make your brain hurt?
Your Marketing should be making you money.

Hi. I’m William.

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting around waiting for customers to walk into your dispensary. 

You know that to get more customers to your door you need better marketing. The problem is you’re not a marketing expert, you are a cannabis expert and focused on running your business.

You’ve probably heard people talk about SEO and PPC, but may not know what any of that means. 

You may have even tried some things or hired someone to help you with dispensary marketing, but just haven’t seen the results you’re after.

I completely understand. That’s why after running my own successful businesses, I created a process that helps dispensaries dramatically increase their revenue and increases foot traffic.

Let us help your dispensary get more customers so you can make more money.


Nozak Consulting is the Midwest’s leader for full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis market. We partner with dispensaries and cannabis brands across Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas Missouri and more.

We partner with companies who share a vision of destigmatizing cannabis and leading the way in this dynamic new industry.

Our team is made up of digital marketing experts who have been helping businesses across multiple industries with best in class SEO and digital marketing services. We take a customized approach with every dispensary we work with and help them invest in long term marketing strategies that help businesses grow.

No cheap gimmicks or lazy marketing here. Just research based marketing that works.


Based in Tulsa, OK, Serving all of the Midwest

There’s a brave new world of cannabis businesses right here in Oklahoma and we are helping businesses be found by more customers with industry leading digital marketing services.

We know how to help Oklahoma dispensaries with marketing because our team is made up of former business owners who have learned the ropes through years of experience.

Our team understands the cannabis industry and believes in the movement.  We understand local legislation around marketing for dispensaries, cannabis brands, products and more. 

Marketing cannabis in Oklahoma is not like marketing of any just consumer good.

When it comes to traditional means of marketing, unfortunately even with states legalizing cannabis, many of the media channels won’t run your ads. This means that you need the leverage of SEO, Email marketing, social media, community building and cannabis industry-specific platforms like Leafly, Weedmaps and the many others that have recently emerged.

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