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A lot of podcasts out there are all sizzle and no steak.  Not us.  The one thing you can count on from listening to the DML podcast is real, actionable advice that you can use right away to market your business online.  We’re not talking about scammy marketing techniques either.  We’re talking about real ways to help you on your mission to be the best at what your business does and to let people know that you exist.  We’ll help you cut through the noise of the web so that you don’t just have a cool looking website with no-traffic.  We go deep, sharing the methods that we use as a digital agency every single day to help businesses succeed.

Whether you’re starting at 0 or trying to break a million…

The online marketing space is changing every single day and you have to adapt to stay on course for your business goals.  That’s what we are all about on the DML podcast.  The only secret sauce we believe in is hard work.  Everything else you need is out there and we want to share what we’ve learned with you to help your business grow and succeed.

Trying to build your own website?  We’ve got some great information that can help you.  Trying to get traction on social media – check out episode 3 where we go deep on how exactly facebook for business works.  This show is for people who are willing to put in the work.  We’ll show you how to get it done.

Trying to build your first WordPress site?  We’ve been there…

Did you know that over a third of the internet now runs on WordPress sites?  Crazy right?  We’ve been trying every crazy combination of plugins, content and design you can think of with our WordPress sites and we want to help you learn from our mistakes.  From getting your facebook pixel setup to embedding maps and everything inbetween to make sure that you not only have a sweet looking site, but that Google is also registering it for search results.  We want to help you build your site the RIGHT way.







Why Create A Website in WordPress Part 2

We talk about WordPress for your CMS, plugins, site speed, load speeds, images sizes, funnels, using third party resources, SSLs, tracking, child themes, scripts, tag manager, and as many things WordPress as we can cover

Why Create A Website in WordPress Part 1

Why Create A Website in WordPress | Benefits, Plugins, Themes, and more. | We give you some developer information, plugin information, theme information, and why it is imperative to build your site in WordPress.  WordPress is a great one-size-fits-all CMS, with massive customizability.

Why a Business Needs a Facebook | Learn more about what’s possible

We talk about what value a business Facebook brings. We explain necessity of the Business Facebook page because of the reviews, signals, map, SERP additions and the advantage!

Digital Marketing Lab | SEO Part 2 | William & Dave Dive Deeper into SEO

This episode covers the basics of SEO Part 2, while prodiving several resources we use at our agency, daily. This 10-minute Toolbox is designed to help small business owners and marketing directors.

Digital Marketing Lab | SEO Part 1 | Nozak Consulting

This episode covers the basics of SEO, while prodiving several resources we use at our agency, daily. This 10-minute Toolbox is designed to help small business owners and marketing directors.


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