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Coca-Cola, Facebook, Nike, McDonald’s; some of the most profitable and iconic companies of all time can attribute much of their success to quality branding. Branding happens to be what Nozak Consulting is best at.

Nozak Consulting knows how to build a brand. CEO William Nozak opened Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice & Java in 2014 and has developed the most distinguished shaved ice company in Oklahoma. The facility, the seating, the snow cone flavors—it all ties in together to create a unique experience that is so much more than just a snow cone.

Designing your logo

Take a look at the Harper’s Hut logo. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s unique, and it’s fun. The font is legible enough to be professional, but still fun enough to represent the whole family. The Tiki head serves as a mascot and conveys the island-theme of the franchise.

Branding is more than just a logo, however. Throughout the Harper’s website and social media accounts, you’ll see examples of vibrant Polynesian colors and Oceanic blues.

Creating a slogan

Slogans are an important part of any business. Think of some of your favorite slogans. “Be a Pepper,” “Give me a Dew,” “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” “The few, the proud, the Marines.” These historic phrases easily evoke what they represent, partly because they include the product in the slogan.

Your slogan doesn’t have to have to name your business, however. Perhaps the best slogan of all time is Nike’s “Just Do It.” “Eat fresh,” “I’m Lovin’ It,” and “Have it Your Way” are equally powerful, and none of them tell you who the company is.

What do all good slogans have in common? They may not all tell you who the company is, but they all tell you what the company is about. Dr. Pepper and the Marines invoke a sense of inclusivity and community.

Vegas and Nike inspire you. Nike encourages you to pursue your goals, while Vegas tells you to cut loose and just have fun. Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Mt. Dew all describe their product’s excellence.

Slogans that set aside a product or company as something exceptional will stick with a person. Harper’s Hut’s slogan is “Home of the Volcano.”

The slogan holds double-meaning. Not only does it literally mean that it’s the place where you can buy a Volcano snow cone, but it goes deeper. The word “home” instills a sense of peace and happiness in most people. It makes you think of a place where you feel safe. The phrase also reminds you of their premiere product.

Notice, the Hut also named their best snow cone after their island theme. Harper’s Hut has lots of great snow cones, but “Home of the Barbie,” or “Home of the Blueberry Cobbler” just don’t evoke the same feelings of island warmth. 

Building your brand

Catchy slogans and creative logos don’t mean anything if you don’t have a product that people desire, and your product might not be what you think it is. Whether you’re selling snow cones, soda, car repairs, or clothing, the true product is the experience.

When you visit Harper’s Hut, you’re not just getting a snow cone. You’re getting island décor, hula hoops, even a pirate ship. When you visit Battman Collision Repair, you’re not just getting your car fixed. You’re getting a tour of classic car culture and vintage antique décor. Your business location, web presence, etc. must all reflect the image you’re trying to build.

Nozak Consulting can help your business succeed in all of these areas. They can design your logo, build your website, and help you pick themes, colors, and slogans that will best help you project the image that will make you successful. 

When I first started Sandite Pride News in 2014, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I knew I had a dream, a goal, a passion. I wanted to serve my community, give back to my town and my schools, and help tell the stories of inspiring people who were being overlooked.

What I didn’t know was how much “business” would get in the way of my passion. From bureaucratic red tape and government stumbling blocks, to branding and marketing, web design, networking, etc. I was completely lost.

Nozak Consulting helped me with my business development, and they can help you whether you’re a brand-new enterprise or longstanding business just looking to increase your revenue.

Scott EmighSandite Pride News

Business Development for Startups

If you’re like me, knowing what you want to do, but not how to get there, then Nozak is the man with the plan.

Nozak Consulting can sit down and tell you everything you need to do to get your business past the government barricades legally and effectively.

One of Nozak’s best skills is in branding. Nozak can help you pick out a slogan, design a logo, and create websites, letterhead, and social media accounts with consistent branding that perfectly represents your business.

Consulting with Nozak can help you identify what it is that you’re really selling, who your target is, and how to make money.

By helping Sandite Pride News develop our site to be attractive to other businesses, we’ve managed to secure ourselves as the only free news source in Sand Springs by passing the buck onto advertisers rather than readers.

I came into the industry just wanting to tell people’s stories. Now, thanks to the expert knowledge gleaned from Nozak, I get to tell the stories of local businesses like Nozak Consulting and help promote their businesses so we can all rise together. 

Business Development for Existing Enterprises

Consulting companies aren’t just for the new guys on the block. You may not be new to the game, but the game is always changing. From the internet to the smartphone, the industry is always adapting.

New crazes and hobbies pop up left and right, and your business needs to be jumping on them.

Ever heard of Pokemon Go? When it first launched in July of 2016, the app had 30 million users within a month.

While the number of active daily users has dropped back to reality at a steady 5 million for the past ten months, it’s still an innovative and unique way to bring in money.

Starbucks and Sprint have both partnered with the Pokemon Go app, turning tens of thousands of their brick and mortar facilities into virtual battling grounds for the game’s users. Nozak client Harper’s Hut was quick to cash in on the craze with Pokemon-themed snow cones and t-shirts.

Updating your brand is another easy way to renew interest in your product. Rebranding can be scary, and in a lot of cases it’s really not necessary.

A fresh coat of paint, a sleek new logo, and suddenly your business seems brand new and enticing. Take a look at the Wal-Mart logo throughout the years. Everybody has to update from time to time. It keeps customers interested!

Maybe you really do need to rebrand? Maybe the times have changed so much that people just aren’t relating to the image you’re putting out there.

Never fear, Nozak Consulting can help you restructure your image from the bottom up to make you fresh and appealing to customers of every demographic! We want to help build your business, let us be a part of your team. Oklahoma SEO, Web Dev, content creation, and business development.