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How Do I Improve My SEO so I Rank Higher on Google?

Scott Emigh

If you’ve asked this question before, then you’re not alone. Many small businesses want to improve their SEO so they can generate more traffic for their website.

There are five (easily managed) factors Google uses to decide how to rank your website in the search results:

  1. Backlinks: Google looks at these backlinks as a “vote of confidence” for your website, and shows that you’re a legitimate business.
  2. Reviews: According to a study from MOZ, online reviews factor roughly 10% into how Google decides where to rank a website.
  3. On-page Optimization: Through title tags, relevant content, mobile friendliness, and meta description, you can greatly improve your chances of ranking higher in the results.
  4. Google My Business: Google’s business listing platform for showcasing local businesses.
  5. Online Directories: Websites such as Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, or other third-party listings factor into your ranking in search results, too. Just make sure all the information is accurate.

While these are major factors Google uses, there are other ways to improve your SEO, and we want to shed light on some of the other methods. Consider the additional actions you can do to improve your SEO and in other cases, the bottom line.

Improve SEO With Social Media

Social Signals – One way to improve your SEO is through social media, but which platforms should be the focus of your attention?

Facebook is the only one can boast 2.13 billion active monthly users, so that’s where you’ll find your customers spending time. Participate with your intended audience, post content relative to your business, and highlight special deals with Facebook Ads. Facebook even has an Analytics tool you can use to track how well your interactions are received.

The amount of shares your content gets will lead to improved SEO. But we recommend creating all social profiles: Twitter, instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as you can link back to your website with each one. 

Improve SEO With Your Online Reputation

The one moment all business owners fear is receiving a negative review. Especially when it is inaccurate and unfair to your business. Studies show 92% of consumers read reviews online these days.

Have reviews from employees? Therefore, you need good reviews to make a strong first impression on potential customers.

If you receive a negative review, act with care and understanding. Be respectful. A good response to a negative review will help improve your reputation as one who takes responsibility for mistakes and is willing to see eye to eye with the customer.

Of course, some reviews will just be negative and hostile for the sake of it, or maybe their expectations were unrealistic. Don’t be surprised when competitors from other countries drop bad reviews on your profiles either.

Everything that is suspect, should be challenged and flagged in an attempt to get it hidden or removed In cases like these, keep calm, and don’t respond in kind. Instead, remain respectful, and respond a rude or unfair review as tactfully as possible. Your measured response can discredit an overly belligerent review in the minds of future customers.

Improve Your Real Time Visibility With Digital Ads

In this age of information, it makes sense that many consumers perform online research into a service that interests them. In fact, data shows 81% of potential customers will do this before spending their money. Since Google is quite literally the world’s most popular search engine, Google AdWords can help you with your digital advertising.

Since Google AdWords uses a pay-per-click system, you will only need to pay for your ad whenever it’s clicked. When a potential customer clicks your ad, you have the choice to have the ad call your business’s sales team, or send them to your website. In addition to this, Google can provide analytics and even a planning tool.

This way, you can better target certain searches. If you’ve budgeted the resources for advertising, then doing this is absolutely worth your time and money.

Improve Cash Flow With Email Marketing

Email marketing is cost-effective, and helps generate conversations more effectively than any other type of marketing channel. You’ll need to collect email addresses from other people, and as many as possible.

If your business has any forms to fill out, if the customer can create an account on your website, or they can sign up for a mailing list for special offers, collect their email address.

Then, using an email automation platform, categorize the email addresses. Try Click Dimensions, MailChimp, or ActiveCampaign. From there, you can organize contacts and lists, as well as send out emails on a set schedule.

Improve Visibility With a Strategy

If you have to work marketing on your own, it can seem impossible to focus on each of these marketing channels. Which one should be your main focus? The first thing you’ll need to do is remain calm, and form a strategy. You shouldn’t overextend yourself, or you’ll burn yourself out quickly.

Focus on realistic goals, and formulate a plan so you can reach them. Play around with each of the platforms most relevant to you, and see if they are useful to your business. If the results aren’t what you’re looking for, then don’t waste your energy on trying to force good results from that platform.

Find a new method of marketing. Above all else, give yourself time. With patience, you’ll can find success in your marketing campaign.

Do you need help with this? Contact  Nozak Consulting for assistance. With the right people and experience on your side, you can create a strong marketing campaign.