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Nozak traffic widgetWhat is your marketing strategy? Is it working? Did you have to think about it? Your marketing strategy is one of the most important cogs in the machine of your business’s success. No matter how good your product is, if you don’t know how to market it then you can’t sell it.

Nozak Consulting is one of the best names in the game when it comes to marketing. Nozak clients make headlines monthly for their creative marketing schemes. From giveaways to contests and smart web advertising, Nozak clients are always in the backs of people’s minds. Just take a look at this wildly successful giveaway from Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice & Java! Over thirteen hundred comments from potential customers!

There are lots of forms of marketing, and each varies based on what your product is. Nozak Consulting can help you identify what will work best for your business. For instance, scantily clad women and cold beer might help attract customers to a monster truck rally, but it’s probably not going to be a big enticement for families looking to entertain their kids. A kettle corn stand has no business setting up at a children’s playground, and an ice cream truck isn’t going to make much money at a golf course.

While there are some pretty obvious dos and don’ts when it comes to marketing strategy, there are a lot of smaller intricacies that your average person isn’t going to think of.

Quality graphic design is crucial when advertising. The wrong color scheme or font can immediately cost you customer interest. Whether you’re advertising on a billboard or facebook, your posts need to be designed by an expert.

You also need to know when to advertise and where to advertise. Don’t take out an ad for children’s party supplies in a business magazine, and don’t put up a billboard for football gear at a chess tournament. Nozak Consulting is up to date on all the best websites, catalogues, events, and locations where you can get the most bang for your buck.



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