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It is hard listening to others not directly connected to your industry, profession, or project, but a lesson in humility and judgment, nonetheless. Note, not all voices should be heard equally. If you listen through the lenses of hubris instead of confidence, you will often listen with impaired hearing, and misinterpret facts, findings, judgments, trends and hunches. Hubris is one of the worst blinders. Listening to others with less expertise takes a measure of humility; however, the proof is in the pudding.

Besides level 5 Leaders are classified by exhibiting humility, so definitely worth exercising. We have all received a piece of information from an associate, employee, or customer that became the intellectual bridge to the answer.

Truth out of order. Often this outside perspective can provide providential wisdom that accelerates our thinking toward a calibrated stance. You cannot predict truth out of order you can maintain a posture that recognizes its existence.

What is correct today is wrong tomorrow

Truth out of order is not a confirmation bias; it is valuable information from an unlikely source and often out of order. Family, friends, associates, think tanks are authors of truth out of order.

Do not forget, what is correct today is wrong tomorrow. Markets, cultures, and assumptions change. Data is misinterpreted and patterns hide. What about the future set? Often in the form of bits and bytes, rarely in fully developed form, truth hides in the mouths of the unlikely.

Where is the Mason Dixon Line concerning whom to listen?

When everyone is blind, the one-eyed man is king. Keep your eyes open for truth out of order. Where is the Mason Dixon Line concerning whom to listen? Avoid know-it-alls.

Use discernment. Process information through your background, education, and the books you have read and pray if you believe in it. At the end of the day, you can make any piece of information work if you believe in it enough. Without trust, there is no risk-taking, and without risk-taking, there is no innovation.

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