Why Your Tulsa Business Needs SEO


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In this article we aim to show you why your Tulsa business needs SEO, by looking at the following:

Everyday, thousands of people are looking for your business.  You may not think so based on how much web traffic you’re website is receiving, but those potential customers are out there searching.  Your site might not be showing up often enough in Google search results though.  This is where SEO can help your business and website, especially here in Tulsa.   We want to show you why your Tulsa business needs SEO.

A lot of local businesses here in green country aren’t even using SEO.  This means that those local businesses here in T-Town aren’t even showing up at all in search results.  We see this everyday with our clients and help them take advantage of this lack of competition.  It’s what we do best.

So what does SEO stand for anyway?

Search Engine Optimization. What is getting optimized?  Your website.  Google reads websites in a very specific way, but many times those websites haven’t been designed or optimized properly in order for Google to actually find them and index them.   This is really a huge part of SEO for a business‘s website and can make or break the amount of web traffic that you’re receiving.

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What gets optimized on a website?

There’s a lot that gets optimized. We’ll cover some of these in detail, but the main parts of your website that get optimized are your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number), Having a map for your business, Proper heading classes, JSON-LD, a meta description, descriptive slug, and more!  This is another crucial reason why your Tulsa business needs SEO.

NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number:  Part of Your Digital Business Card

A huge factor that a lot of businesses miss is this very simple but crucial piece of information.  You need to have these three items listed – clearly on your website, and specifically have them listed in that order.  We often make sure that these pieces of information are listed more than once on many of our client’s websites.  The goal is to make it easy for someone to reach you once they land on your site.  Google get’s this – and that’s why they make this a big factor in determining your position in search results.  You want to make sure your website shows up in Google search results?  Name, address, phone number is step #1.

Content is still king.

You don’t need to write scammy garbage content and think that will help.  The type of content you want to provide needs to be targeted towards things that you already get asked everyday by your customers.  When your phone rings and you’ve gotten the same question ten times that day – you may want to create some content for your website that addresses that question.  This allows you to do a couple of things:  First, you’re providing value to a potential customer.  That value provided may win over their trust and bring them to your business or lead to a sale.  Even if it doesn’t result in a sale right away – if your site keeps providing great information and answering those frequently asked questions, they may one day decide to become a customer based on all of the great information that they received from your website.


Why you give away content for free ( A side note): 

Too many businesses and individuals online are going straight for the sale, before they even provide an ounce of value to someone who made it to their website.  This is a HUGE mistake.  Who wants to trust someone who immediately is asking you for something as soon as you meet them?  No one does!  If I just met you and you asked me to buy a service or product from you with out any conversation or dialogue I would immediately be weary of you.  This is the same deal when it comes to content.  We’re not saying you can’t have a call to action or link to your services on a content post – by all means you definitely should.  We’re just saying that when you create content for your website – you need to focus on adding value first, and the sale or conversion second.  Writing great content is actually a huge part of SEO and you need to be doing it regularly.  This yet another reason why your Tulsa business needs SEO.

Proper Headings:

Each page of your website should only have one section of “H1” classified text per individual page.  H1 is an html marker often for the size of the text, but also for the importance of that text.  H1 is read by Google and gives the search bots a good idea of what that page is about.  So, if you have multiple H1 sections of text – Google will not know what the page is about and rank you very low for having this confusing information on your site.
You can have as many H2’s, H3’s and other heading classes as you want on a page of your site, but there can only be one H1.


In summary, There are a lot of reasons for using SEO for a Tulsa business, and if you are already active on your website there are several things that you can do right away to improve your search results here locally and get more of Tulsa to walk into your business.  We sincerely hope that we’ve convinced you why your Tulsa business needs SEO.
If you’re not sure where to start, just contact us.  We’ll be happy to talk to you even if you don’t retain our services.  However, if you do have a mess on your hands – we can help you navigate through it and bring your site back into search results.  Our team is experienced and always ready to help.

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Learn How To Leverage Search

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