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15 Reasons Why You Should Use A WordPress Website To Run Your Business

William Nozak

15 Reasons Why You Use a WordPress Website to Run Your Business: If you have a business, you need a social media, you need marketing, but most of all you need a website.

You might be wondering, “How do I make a website? Will it be expensive?”

Fortunately, if you need a website, you don’t need to be an expert computer programmer. You won’t even need to spend a lot of money. WordPress is the perfect platform to use for your business.

Although WordPress is not the only Content Management System out there, we believe it is the best. (Here are the top 10 most usable CMS if you want to explore some of the other options).

This website you’re reading this on right now was made using WordPress. Who knows. Other websites you regularly browse might be made using it, too. If you want to learn more, read on, and we’ll explore the following:

  • WordPress is Free to Use
  • WordPress is Open Source
  • WordPress is Simple to Use and Simple to Update
  • WordPress is Incredibly Popular
  • WordPress is an SEO Powerhouse
  • People Can Read WordPress Websites on Their Phones
  • WordPress Supports All Kinds of Media
  • WordPress is Time-Proven
  • WordPress Can Be Customized
  • WordPress Stays Up to Date
  • Schedule Posts with WordPress
  • WordPress is Safe and Secure
  • WordPress Publishes Quickly
  • WordPress Sports a Strong Community
  • WordPress Can be Used for Any Type of Website
  • Generate More Business with A WordPress Website

So, without further ado, these are the 15 reasons why you should use a WordPress website to run your business:

1. WordPress is Free to Use

No matter what your website is, WordPress is entirely free to use. When you’re starting a new business, you’re probably trying to save money where you can, making WordPress the ideal choice. Even though this service has been around for over a decade, they have never charged their users.

If your business needs a nice website, use a free platform.

Be aware though, that plugins can cost, and so do most great themes. Here is a list of the 2018 top themes, but our favorite is still divi. Even still, most of the themes and plugins are not too expensive, and will easily pay for themselves.

2. WordPress is Open Source

If you are wondering what open source means, effectively it is when you can alter the code of something to suit your needs.

This gives you a significant advantage over traditional web-hosting, as you can host your website how you choose, and where you choose. Additionally, you are not bound to the business model of other web hosting sites.

You are in control. Study the website’s code, modify it how you please, and customize it how you like. There are thousands of ways you can tweak and finetune your website.

3. WordPress is Simple to Use and Simple to Update

WordPress is easy for anyone to learn and master. You do not have to be an expert coder to use this web hosting software.

It is user-friendly, and there is an abundance of resources available to help you learn how to use it. You could go onto YouTube and search for answers to whatever you need to know.

All that you really need to do is get a WordPress account (which is completely free) and you are ready to build your website. If you need to update, you will not have to worry that your update will break your website, so management is easy for anyone.

If you want to add more SEO content, or edit and republish previous posts, then you can. Alternatively, consider looking for an SEO service to help create content for you.

4. WordPress is Incredibly Popular

WordPress has been around since 2003, and it does not look like it is going anywhere soon. In fact, quite the opposite. More and more people are using WordPress for more than just their blogs, but for their whole business website.

Of course, popularity alone doesn’t prove something is worth using. Look at it this way, though. If WordPress was not a trustworthy service, far fewer people would use it.

Instead, WordPress is the most popular CMS for business owners. That alone should speak for itself.

5. WordPress is an SEO Powerhouse

Google loves WordPress, there is no doubt about that. You can get WordPress SEO plugins for your page that can help make it more visible for people when they search for your type of business.

Other plugins, like Yoast, have numerous tools to help your search engine optimization (SEO). You can also keep track of broken links with a number of broken link checkers available.

This way you know what parts of your website need updating when a backlink or internal link breaks.

Another reason WordPress works well for your SEO on Google is because Google factors the site speed and WordPress loads quickly. If you don’t know what SEO is, we highly recommend you read over this for more information.

6. People Can Read WordPress Websites on Their Phones

With phones as advanced as they are now, there is another whole method to browsing the internet.

When there isn’t a computer available, smartphones are the best way to find information quickly. Studies suggest we use our phones more than we use desktop computers now.

As you can imagine, it has never been more crucial for your website to be mobile friendly, but luckily, you have tools at your disposal.

Many WordPress themes are already iPhone & tablet compatible. People can browse it on their phone with the same ease that they could with their laptop or desktop.

In other words, you will have a significantly lower bounce rate than you would if your website was not mobile-friendly. 

7. WordPress Supports All Kinds of Media

Writing strong content is still important for your website. With that said, videos and visual aids are great for catching your customer’s eye and helps make your content easily digestible.

Do you have pictures or videos of your business in action?

With WordPress, it is incredibly easy to upload digital media.

Since Bing rewards websites which have multimedia (such as audio, video, and photos), WordPress will give you a head start with your Bing optimization.

Remember, while Google will be your main focus, it’s good to keep the other major search engines in mind, too.

8. WordPress is Time-Proven

WordPress is over a decade old. While it started off small, it continued to grow into what it is today. People have used it for blogs, personal website, professional websites, and, of course, business websites.

One huge advantages of this is that people have been able to find more ways to use WordPress. This means you have more ways to make your website unique.

9. WordPress Can Be Customized

As you have seen on this list, WordPress has been around for a while and is simple to use. Its users create all sorts of plugins and widgets for your webpage. In short, your WordPress website can be customized to fit all your needs.

You can customize everything down to the color scheme, design, and layout. These might seem like small details, but the layout of your website is vital to its success.

 Give it a bit of time, and by the time you are done, your WordPress website will be exactly how you envisioned it. It’s customization potential can help improve your website’s SEO, too. Here are 20 must have WordPress Plugins. View Agency Case Study

10. WordPress Stays Up to Date

The WordPress developers are dedicated to their user base and make sure WordPress never becomes outdated. With constant improvements and updates, your website can always work at peak capacity.

You legitimately update WordPress weekly and many times bi-daily. This can be annoying, because the theme and plugins will then produce their own updates, but the upside is, you’re always up to date.

11. Schedule Posts with WordPress

Your time is a valuable resource for you. Posting consistent content can eat up what little time you have. WordPress users are able to schedule when they want their content published, and WordPress does it automatically.

Not only does this allow you to publish content on a consistent schedule, but at a time when your website is most browsed.

Let’s say the highest traffic your website has in a day is around 4 P.M. Just schedule the post to publish a little before then, and you are done. You have consistent posts at the perfect time.

12. WordPress is Safe and Secure

These days, many people live in fear of their website being compromised. The last thing a business needs is a breach of trust like that with their customers.

Fortunately, WordPress is secure. Just like how the developers keep everything up to date, they also are sure to keep their users safe.

Just make sure to get add-ons from reputable places, and WordPress will do the rest to protect your website, and your customers.

Anyone that watches their Google Analytic knows the attacks and hackers are real. You can see the heavy colors in countries where it would be unusual for people to be browsing your local business site. That is not, sadly, an overseas fanbase. More than likely, those are hackers.

There are amazing security plugins that keep you from getting hacked. You can also get backup plugins, or even get a backup service at the hosting level.

Take it from someone who once had their website hacked without plugin backups or hosting backups.

Everything was lost. It’s not fun rebuilding a website from scratch. Here are the top security plugins for WordPress, so nothing like this ever happens to you.

13. WordPress Publishes Quickly

Maybe you are in a rush and need to get a major announcement on your website ASAP.

Luckily, it only takes one click to publish your message. On top of that, if you are on the go and still need to publish your article or announcement, there are plenty of apps you can use to publish on your phone.

The other great feature to WordPress is if you forget to publish before you leave, a draft is saved, so you don’t lose your work.

If you make some changes you are completely unhappy with, you can even backup to an early save point and dump those changes. It’s pretty awesome.

14. WordPress Sports a Strong Community

If you need advice, WordPress has a sizable, helpful community to go to for advice. This allows for people to share their ideas with each other, give advice, and trade plugins with each other.

If you are interested, WordPress has official forums on their website. Don’t be shy. Remember, everyone started somewhere.

In addition to the forums, the YouTube videos are also an excellent resource of information. In fact, they might even be better.

You can find web developer DIY’s are out there making second-by-second tutorials of website design. This can be especially useful if you are more of a visual learner.

Whatever your preferred method of learning, you can find answers to almost all of your questions about WordPress.

15. WordPress Can be Used for Any Type of Website

With WordPress, it does not matter what your business is. If you sell baked goods, own a restaurant, or have a social media marketing business, WordPress can cover all of your needs.

As you have seen here, it can be customized into whatever you want, and there are plugins for whatever you need.

Informational, lead generating, and eCommerce, WordPress has the functionality, support, and plugins to help you build a word class website.

Need us to build your WordPress website? Time isn’t always on your side, and you might not have the hours to build a high-quality website.

Generate More Business with A WordPress Website

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