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Battman Collision Repair SEO Case Study

William Nozak

Battman’s SEO Goals

The CEO of Battman Collision and Repair made it clear to Nozak Consulting that their goals were to:

-Reduce downtime

-Become more visible online

-Increase online brand awareness in the Tulsa Metro Area

-Be on page 1 SERP for Auto Body Shop and other related key words

Battman Collision Repair SEO Case Study does not cover our overhaul to the website, website funnel, and Analytics Goal settings.

Battman Visibility & SEO Challenges

Battman Collision and Repair was a known business within the local community but had a non-existent web presence.

They were competing online with other local companies for local web traffic and they are not ranking within Google searches.

Battman Collision and Repair knew it needed SEO services to gain visibility on Google/Bing/Yahoo/directory and social media searches.

After our site rebuild and SEO optimization they began showing up in Google search results with 131 #1 SERP results.  They also now show up under Google business search results.

Customers searching can now find them with just one Google search query.

Battman Organic Results & SEO Improvements

Nozak Consulting successful ranked Battman Collision and Repair in the local market and significantly increased organic traffic by utilizing SEO Services.

-Increased keyword positions Page 1 SERPS (Google search visibility) – 124 results

-Increased keyword positions through Page 2 SERPS – 170 results

-Increased directory score from 30th percentile to 80th percentile

“If someone is looking for a Collision Repair shop Tulsa metro area, there is a great chance they’ll find us.”

— Owner, Battman Collision & Repair