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You’re investing in marketing so why isn’t your phone ringing non-stop?

We help businesses of all sizes with strategic, research based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing that helps you rise to the top of Google search results and help customers find you first.

Did your last marketing campaign under-perform?
Are you missing new business because no one can find your website?
Are you constantly in need of additional leads?
Are online reviews hurting your business?
Are you tired of feeling ripped off when you spend money on marketing?
Does your website show up at the top of Google search results?

Your website should be making you money.

William Nozak

I’m William.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money of advertising and waiting for customer to show up.

What’s worse is when you can’t even get data from the marketing dollars you’ve spent to let you know how to change your strategy.

You know that in order to get more customers you need better marketing for your business. The problem is you’re not a digital marketing expert, you are good at your job and focused on growing your business in Tulsa.

You may have read a few articles about SEO and PPC, but may not fully understood where to start with these.

You may have tried some marketing tactics based on what your competitors were doing with but just haven’t seen the results and still can’t figure out how to beat them.

I completely get it. I’ve been there.  That’s why after running my own businesses, I created a process that helps businesses increase their revenue get the right kind of attention, all while building a brand that can stand the test of time.

Let’s help your business with digital marketing and SEO  that really works so you can make more money.

William Nozak


Nozak Consulting is an industry leading SEO agency dedicated to helping businesses of all types with best in class digital local and national SEO.

We partner with businesses of all types and across multiple industries. From tow truck service to national IT companies, we partner with ambitious businesses across the United States to help them win online and helping customers find them.

Our team is made up of SEO and digital marketing experts who have been helped hundreds of businesses across multiple industries with SEO and digital marketing. We know how to help business owners because each of us ran our own separate businesses before joining together to form Nozak Consulting.

From The Blue Dome District to the Stickball Park, we help Tulsa businesses grow. We take a customized approach with every business we work with and help them invest in long term SEO and marketing strategies that will carry them for decades to come.

This isn’t about spending more money on ads.

OKC SEO with Nozak Consulting is about investing in your online business real estate and playing the long game.

No cheap gimmicks or lazy advertising here. Just research based SEO practices and digital marketing that works.


We use a strategic approach focused on your business.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter SEO or marketing.

When you partner with us, you can count on a strategic approach that is founded with in-depth research based on your industry and your local market.

Before we create any content or create a website for you, we dig deep into research and find every single opportunity for growth.

We leave no stones unturned and find ways for you to start seeing a return on investment as quickly as possible.

Our team understands SEO because we’ve been trained by the best.

We’re certified by Yoast SEO.  We incorporate the same SEO principles that are used for companies like Marvel and Disney.

We believe in measurable results. and consistent reporting.

Some SEO firms will take your money every month and not let you know exactly what they’re doing.

Not us.

We’ll show you how every dollar gets spent to increase your business.




Increased Exposure To New Customers

Showing up at the top of Google search results (SERPs) simply translates into more people finding your OKC business before they find your competitors. 

Get ahead of the competition with the best SEO in Oklahoma.


Expanded Customer Base

Our Tulsa SEO services drive more strategically targeted customers to your business than any traditional marketing strategy.

You’re good at what you do.  What if more people found out just how good you are?

Increased Exposure To New Customers

Experience an increase in your bottom line because your marketing dollars are being managed by a team that understands your business.

Lets increase your revenue with SEO strategies that stand the test of time.


Worry Free Contracts

From one business owner to another. We get it. That’s why we keep our contracts simple and straightforward. We can work with you on a monthly or annual basis.

Get a contract that makes sense and provides accountability.

Site Security

We spend dozens of hours every month ensuring that our client’s online reputation and business is secure. We stay up to date on all industry trends and see changes before they start affecting search results so that your business stays ahead of the curve and at the top of the SERPs.

Monthly Reports In Plain English

Our team learned the foundations of SEO by experimenting on our own businesses so we know exactly what metrics you need to be aware of to make strategic decisions. No techno-babble or industry jargon here – just clear reporting that’s easy to read.

Stop throwing away money on advertising with no ROI.

Start investing in a long term SEO strategy with Nozak Consulting.

When you keep spending money on marketing that isn’t working, it’s your bottom-line that suffers.

If you feel like you’ve been trapped by traditional marketing and are just not sure where to turn, we can help.

We’ve helped multi-generation family businesses grow beyond what they though possible and helped them make the transition into the 21st century with the best SEO services in Tulsa.

Nozak Consulting can help you get more visitors to your website that with strategic SEO and digital marketing that has been tested and proven to work.

Don’t get stuck playing the same advertising game that everyone else is.  You can invest in a long term strategy that ensures you stay in business and increase traffic at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.


Wasting money on advertising and not knowing how your money is spent.


Invest in long term strategies with SEO that shows you exactly who you reach.


Wasting time with DIY SEO that leaves you scratching your head and unsure if you're making progress.


Partner with an experienced team who will treat your business like their own and implement custom SEO strategies.

Your business can show up at the top of Google search results and get better leads.

More Valuable Leads.
Better Brand Building.
Tulsa SEO Done Right.