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How your business can win with the right Las Cruces SEO company.
Our Tulsa-based team here at Nozak Consulting has been helping Las Cruces businesses win online and expand their organizations for the last few years.

We are an SEO business that is made up of entrepreneurs and change makers who handle both on page SEO and off page SEO as well as Web Development, Graphic Design, and world-class copywriting. Each one of our services can enhance your business, but the real secret sauce lies in the SEO lens through which we apply our work. Each team member at Nozak Consulting is aware of Las Cruces specific SEO factors that they bake into their work. When we partner with your Las Cruces business, you can expect us to just do what we say, but to also execute what we do with your specific SEO strategy in mind. You can learn more about us and meet our team here.

Las Cruces SEO That’s Unique to Your Marketplace

While several Nozak Consulting clients serve both national and international customer bases, the SEO services that are provided are unique to the Las Cruces market first. We want you to win at home and beyond the borders of New Mexico, and the USA. Our SEO focused services always begin with a solid foundation of research. This includes:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Your Business Profile
  • Your industry specific Las Cruces market Profile

Las Cruces SEO Competitive Analysis

It can be tough to know and understand exactly where your competitors are beating you when it comes to the local market. We believe that this is actually the best place to start, exposing where your business is being bested by the competition, and showing you exactly how they’re doing it. Our team digs deep and looks for every opportunity to see what moves your business can make to start gaining ground in Google search results and beating out the competition at their own game.


Your Business Profile

We never assume to know anything about your organization coming in from the outside. We believe in sound methods, but that doesn’t trump learning about your business and having a full understanding of your mission and core values. We want to be sure that we’re on the same page with you to achieve the goals that matter most to your business. When we have a full understanding of your organization, we can then dig in on our keyword research.


Keyword Research: The Foundation for Las Cruces SEO Success

Keyword research is the process of identifying key words and phrases that are relevant to your business that we can target to have your website show up at the very top of search results for. For example: If you’re a landscaping company who specializes in fertilization services, we would look at keywords and phrases like: “Las Cruces Landscaping,” “Las Cruces Fertilizer,” “Las Cruces Fertilizer Service,” “Fertilizer Las Cruces ,”. Using our top-rated SEO tools, like Ahrefs, Answer The Public, and others, we identify websites that are ranking at the very top of the search results for these keywords, as well as identify closely associated keywords or frequently asked questions around these words and phrases. This gives us a multitude of information that we can use to begin crafting the correct messaging for your fertilizer service focused website. This is the starting point for all great SEO work that we do. When we identify this key information, we can then start building your website, web-pages and online content for blog posts and social media around this information, the right way. And trust us there is definitely a wrong way to do SEO.

Do you need help with your website, and Las Cruces search results ranking?

The WRONG Way to do Las Cruces SEO

We see this quite a bit. Businesses paying for regular SEO services but not receiving any tangible or visible results. You should always be able to receive data that shows results for the money you invest in SEO services. Nozak Consulting provides weekly reports to our Las Cruces SEO clients so they can see how their organization is doing every week.


Red Flags for Bad SEO Services


The time was the early 2000s, the shady practice of shamelessly stuffing keywords on to web pages to gain rank. The thought behind this action was Google rewarding pages with the most content related to a specific keyword. These days are long gone. Google’s bots and it’s algorithm are extremely advance and can more better determine which web pages are actually relevant and provide legitimate information related to what a user is searching for.


You just can’t win in the search results in Las Cruces with a one or two-page website. It’s impossible to have enough relevant content along with proper site structure and taxonomy on a 2 page website.
If you’re running a business in Las Cruces with a website, you need 7 to 10 pages with 1000 to 2000 words per page minimum and an active blog that is updated regularly with new content. If you’ve been frustrated with your ranking in search results and have a very small site it’s time for a new website. We can help you.


If you have a website for your business in Las Cruces , you need to be listed on the proper directories. Just like you take the time to become listed with the BBB, or any other local associations for your industry, you need to be registered with the proper directories online, specifically: the directories that Google looks at. Your business core information NAP (Name Address and Phone number) all need to match exactly across these platforms as well. If you’re paying for Las Cruces SEO service you can always ask your provider if you’ve been listed in Moz Local or on Yext. These two directories are must-haves and if you haven’t been listed here, your SEO is not doing their job.

How Nozak Consulting Takes Las Cruces SEO Above & Beyond Industry Standards

Many SEO service providers here in Las Cruces are typically lopsided when it comes to SEO. They are either heavy on “On Page SEO” or heavy on “Off Page SEO”. When your SEO is unbalanced between these two factors you’re going to have problems with ranking in search results.

What's The Difference?

On Page SEO refers to optimizing the content and structure on the pages of your website. This includes (Just to name a few):


Proper Site Structure

This is making sure the “Tree” of your website is laid out properly. Are the right pages and posts nested under the proper menus and categories? It sounds like an obvious, easy answer, but for many Las Cruces businesses as they grow and evolve, they add more and more content to their sites, and it’s very easy for it to get very messy and disorganized fast. Google doesn’t reward messy, unorganized websites. They reward well organized, properly laid out websites. Why? Because those well build sites are easier for Google’s bots to read. When those bots can easy ready your website, it will reward you not only for the Las Cruces market, but for the entire internet.


Image Optimization

Another thing that falls into the category of “Little Things” but is extremely underestimated when it comes to On Page SEO is image optimization. This not only entails sizing your images to the proper size so your pages load faster, but also includes proper file naming, title text and alt text. A lot of organizations ignore these factors, but they can add up fast and have a significant impact on your ranking in search results.


Sufficient Copy

Long form content is king when it comes to SEO. Plain and simple. Too many Las Cruces websites have very little copy on their pages, and if they have any significant amount of text it is typically poorly optimized. To truly make an impact on your site’s ranking you need to have at least 1000 to 2000 words on your pages. That sounds crazy right? But if none of your competitors are doing this and you are, you’re gonna crush them in search rankings. We can’t just stop there though, we’ve got to have that 1000 to 2000 words properly optimized, with a readable text size for mobile and proper heading texts at the appropriate spots just to name a few.


Internal Linking

Your site needs to be able to link to other relevant content internally. What exactly does that look like?

If you’re writing an article about a product or service that your business provides and you mention a complimentary service or product in the text, you need that text linking directly to the page with that product, service or information.

You should have many many references and links to relevant information on your website. This bolsters the overall score of your website for search results. Your internal linking structure is critical!


Off Page SEO is the active management and expansion of off page factors that affect your website’s ranking. This includes (Just to name a few):


Las Cruces External Links

Obtaining links from other websites is extremely valuable for your rankings within search results. This can be other businesses right here in Las Cruces, or any other organizations that your business associates with. A solid SEO service, like Nozak Consulting will work actively and diligently to obtain new external links to your businesses website as a means of increasing your organic search ranking.


Social Media

You may have been avoiding this one for a while, but it has now become completely unavoidable for Las Cruces businesses. Active social media accounts and sharing your businesses content actively and consistently is a huge part of a solid Las Cruces SEO service. That’s why our SEO team is always on the offense for our clients when it comes to social media.


Endorsements & Reviews

Having a reputable source online endorse or recommend your organization is a huge win.

When an organization gives you a direct link from their website as a recommendation, Google recognizes that and translates it into your website being more valuable as a result.

Reviews are also a key indicator for search results, and encouraging your core customer base in Las Cruces to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other online boards can provide a constant and consistent boost to your SEO metrics, helping you climb higher in search results.


Press Releases

If your business is doing great work, why shouldn’t people know about it? Nozak Consulting regularly helps our clients obtain press coverage and specifically press coverage online. This is another situation where your website’s rank position can be rewarded because of a mention by a news organization.

So many Las Cruces SEO factors. How do you keep track of them all?

As a Las Cruces business owner, your time is already extremely in-demand. Adding another massive responsibility on your plate is not an option. That’s where investing in an SEO service can provide your business with the strength it needs to succeed online. Our team at Nozak Consulting has been helping our fellow Tulsa business owners since day 1, and we’ve continued to stay committed to helping our local marketplace, even as our services have expanded outside of New Mexico and the United States.

Las Cruces SEO Done Right is Worth the Investment

When you bring an experienced SEO team on board to help your business grow you should expect a solid ROI. That’s why we always set out to exceed ROI expectations with every single client. You can see some of the transformations and results that some of our clients have had over on this page. We’ve had clients tell us multiple times that they haven’t found a better investment than that of SEO service. And when you compare SEO to direct mail and other forms of advertising, it becomes apparent very fast that the difference is simple. You can throw money at advertising for a short term gain, and we believe in advertising (See our PPC strategy here), or you could divert more resources to invest money back into your business with SEO services that help build your website up, and gain ground in the search results day after day, and month after month.

We sincerely believe in that investment and take our responsibility very seriously when you trust us with your SEO needs.

Nozak Consulting believes that Las Cruces SEO should match the high quality of Las Cruces businesses, and help them compete in the local, national and even international markets. We love helping Las Cruces business win, and we’d love to help you.

Las Cruces SEO Marketing

Once upon a time, marketing was simple. You put an ad in the local newspaper and that was it. Word of mouth was really all a person needed to be successful. Unfortunately, it’s not 1960 anymore.

Between television, billboards, radio, and internet, your potential customers are being inundated with ads from competitors. If you don’t have the edge in marketing, you won’t have the edge in income and business growth.

Like every other industry in Las Cruces, the marketing scene is overly crowded. And like every other industry in Las Cruces, only the top few can really be considered experts.

Many are new, undereducated, inexperienced, and practicing dated techniques with minimal results.

Nozak Consulting has the education. Founder and CEO William Nozak has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, is a former professor, and successful restaurant-owner with more than half a dozen locations established since 2014.

Traditional Las Cruces Marketing

It’s hard to go a week without seeing Nozak clients in the news.

Nozak Consulting excels in traditional marketing mediums such as television and print media. The group maintains close working relationships with local reporters, creating frequent opportunities to feature clientele on the news and in the paper.

Additionally, the company employs talented branding and graphic design experts to create visually enticing advertisements for local magazines, billboards, newspapers, et cetera.

Las Cruces Viral Marketing Services

Nozak Consulting’s most impressive work is in viral marketing. Creative campaigning done right can produce dividends for a company. Take Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice, for instance.

In June, Nozak created a Facebook post advertising a drawing for free shaved ice all season long. Customers simply had to tag a friend in the comments to be entered into the drawing. The post ended up with more than 1,300 comments and resulted in the largest surge in web traffic in the business’s history.

The giveaway model has been replicated by other Nozak clients with stunning success.

The key to good marketing, as evidenced by Nozak Consulting, is an ability to think outside of the box. Partnering with Nozak Consulting for your marketing needs will get you out of any box and any rut, putting you at the top of your game.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 72% of U.S. adults use social media several times a day. Meanwhile, Pew Research reported in 2016 that 14% of adults listed social media as the most helpful news source with newspapers only getting 3% of the vote.

Traditional media is dying. Don’t let your business die with it.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is something that can no longer be done passively. In recent years Facebook has taken steps to limit the reach of business pages. If you want to reach your community, you either have to spend significant money on Facebook boosting, or master the art of creating highly-shareable and engaging posts.

Nozak Consulting has an impressive resume of viral images, videos, and share-to-win giveaway campaigns. Branding and graphic-design expert Michael Robinson can create eye-catching and engaging designs in all the right dimensions for profile pictures, banner images, Instagram posts, etc.

Multimedia for Print

Not all images are created equal, and the pictures you use on Facebook won’t translate to effective advertisements in a magazine, on a flyer, on a banner, or on a billboard. Not only do the dimensions vary drastically from one medium to another, but the necessary design does as well.

It’s a lot easier to catch someone’s eye in a newspaper than it is while they’re driving down the road. Newspaper ads can be wordier, less colorful, and more informative. Magazine ads need to be vibrant to stand out from all of the other images. Banners need to be clean (meaning not cluttered), with only the absolute most-important information.

Nozak’s design team knows all the nuances of design and can help you create the most noticeable and memorable images in your community.

Marketing for Television

Just like images designed for social media are different from images designed for print, so too are videos designed for YouTube different from videos designed for television.

Consumers hate advertisements unless they’re entertaining. Viewers today spend the entire year muting the commercials, right up until the Super Bowl. They want to be entertained, not yelled at.

Look at the success of Lincoln Motor’s ad campaign starring Matthew McConaughey. Historically, car commercials have been loud and obnoxious with people yelling cheesy catch phrases and screaming about their latest deals. Sure, it helps to have an Academy Award winning actor, but what makes the commercials so unique is that they’re subtle, sleek, and engaging.

Whatever types of multimedia you want to engage, and we recommend that you engage them all, Nozak Consulting can help you concoct vivid creations that are guaranteed to bring in business.

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