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How We Use Ahrefs To Help Your Business Show Up In Google Search

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Ahrefs began offering services back in 2011 as an SEO tool for backlink analysis. It has grown to provide an incredible set of services for businesses like Nozak Consulting to not only include backlink analysis, but also SEO audits, Content marketing analysis and link searching for competitors.

This article will show you how we’re using Ahrefs to help our clients beat out their competition for top ranking Google search result spots.

This incredible claim appears on Ahrefs site:

“The crawler processes up to 6 billion pages a day. Hard to believe – it is only three times less than what Googlebot does!”

Who uses Ahrefs?

Due to the incredibly detailed functions and tools that Ahrefs offers, it’s custom designed for people and organizations like:

It’s an incredible tool for SEO, and even if you’re mildly curious we encourage you to take a test drive with their free trial offer.

How Much Does Ahrefs Cost?

Ahrefs is priced accurately for the amazing tool that it is. They have subscription pricing beginning at $99 per month for the Lite version of their tools.

They then have the $179 per month price level for standard use allowing expanded capabilities. The next level up is the Advanced level at $399 per month, allowing up to 3 separate users, and lastly, they have the Agency level, currently $999 per month allowing 5 separate users at a time.

Want to check it out for yourself? Head on over to their pricing page and see if there is a level that fits your needs. We use Ahrefs on all Nozak Consulting clients and if you’d like to chat with us about how this tool can be used to help your business, feel free to reach out to us here.

When Do I Need To Use Ahrefs?

Once you’ve built a website for your business and have begun updating content specifically related to your business’s services it’s time to start working on your Google Search Result Ranking.

Ahrefs is not the only tool out there to help you with your Google Search Ranking. Nozak Consulting uses a wide variety of tools, all designed to help our clients reach and land on the top pages of search results.

How We Actually Use Ahrefs

If you were to take all websites and organize them by order of size and quality of their backlink profile you end up with the Ahrefs ranking system. Other rankings such as Alexa Rank show ranking based on traffic to a website compared against all other website’s traffic. This is relevant for Google search, but building a strong backlink profile will drive more leads and traffic to your site.

What’s a Backlink and why do I need them?

Backlinks are external links from another web page to your website. Google analyzes backlinks that are directed to your website and uses that information to help determine where and when your website shows up in search results. This is crucial! 

Backlinks can literally be the difference between your customers finding or not finding your website when they look for your specific services online.

Nozak Consulting offers a monthly SEO Service package that will build up your business’s website to show up higher each month in search results for your business’s field. Included in this monthly service is our backlink builder, a consistent building up of backlinks for your business’s website.

Organic Keywords And Why They Matter

Ahrefs organic keywords analysis actively shows how many keywords that your website is being recognized for.

This can help you determine what type of content you need to add to your website and build in to ensure that you gain positioning within search results.

When we help your business using Ahrefs, we help you maximize your organic keyword potential and help you build a strong profile for your business, moving you closer and closer to your customers by helping you advance in search result rankings.

Ahrefs allows you to see all of your organic keyword information at a glance:

Organic Keywords and Why They Matter

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

The keyword Explorer tool within Ahrefs allows us to discover keyword information based on volume within a specific market such as the US or Canada.

This a great feature that can help us identify keywords that specifically strengthen your business’s website.

There’s no reason that your business shouldn’t be showing up at the top of the list when people are searching for your services.  We can help you get there faster with this amazing tool.

Understanding Why Your Competition is Showing Up Ahead Of You Online

Another key aspect of Ahrefs is being able to analyze other domains and see exactly where their web traffic is coming from, specifically what other websites are providing those crucial backlinks and driving up their ranking in search results.

Ahrefs allows you to dive deep into your competition’s backlink profiles and use this information to build and strengthen your own backlink profile.

This service is one of the key reasons we use Ahrefs for our clients, and why it’s helping them win the search result competition.

Organic Traffic Research

This is where we come in.  We’ve been using Ahrefs for quite some time now with all of our clients and when you combine Ahrefs amazing set of tools with a team who knows how to use them, you are on the right path to ranking in Google search.

Organic Traffic Research is the process of analyzing not just your competitors, but the top websites in your business’s field and developing a deep understanding of why the websites that rank on page 1 of Google search results are ranking there.

After our research is complete, we end up with a comprehensive set of information that we can apply directly to your business’s website. You can then clearly start to see the shift in your company’s web traffic as more and more customers will begin to find you online when they search for your services.

Organic Traffic Research is an ongoing process and can’t just be done once and then never looked at again.

That’s why we encourage all clients to retain our SEO Optimization monthly services so that we can build up their search ranking and then make sure they stay at the top once they’ve arrived there. Those search results convert into sales.


Ahrefs is one of many options out there for SEO optimization, but we have found it be an incredible asset for our clients.  They’ve evolved their site and services to be an amazing tool for organizations just like ours.

Would you like to see how we would use Ahrefs to help your business grow? We’d be happy to show you how we’d incorporate to help your business succeed. 

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