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Why Are WordPress Websites Superior?

Scott Emigh

WordPress is so much more than just a platform for blogs. While it used to be known as just a blogging platform, the constant updates, new tools, perks, and numerous customization options make WordPress the best platform for your business website.

Over twenty percent of websites on the web are created with WordPress, and the trend continues to grow. Here are several reasons why WordPress websites are superior to other platforms. 

SEO Friendly

When it comes to search engine optimization, WordPress is a favorite of the search engines. This platform gives you easy control of your meta tags, from your H1 to your keywords, attracting crawlers to your website.

Additionally, WordPress users have created hundreds of plugins to help your WordPress website’s SEO. For example, you can find plugins which allow you to see which keywords people search for the most, giving you a better idea how you can improve your website’s keywords.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile web browsing has become commonplace, so making your website mobile friendly is more important than it has ever been. Fortunately, when you use WordPress, there is no need to create multiple websites just so you can be viewed on mobile devices. There are thousands of themes available, a number of which make your WordPress website mobile friendly. This strengthens your WordPress website’s SEO, saves you time, and will help increase traffic.

WordPress is Free

Part of the appeal of WordPress is it is free to use, so you will not have to spend your money on an expensive hosting platform. In and of itself, this is an excellent benefit, but what is better is the WordPress developers keep WordPress up to date.

Not only can you create your website for free, but it will receive all of its updates for free, too. The only things you might spend money on are certain themes or plugins, but this is optional. There are many free themes and plugins to use. 


A common fear among webmasters is someone compromising their website. Users see this as a serious breach of trust, and can cost you customers.

Fortunately, since the developers keep WordPress updated, they lower the chances of a security breech. By eliminating vulnerabilities and providing an encrypted login, they have made WordPress safe to use.

In addition to the efforts of the developers, you can purchase plugins which can increase your security. Just be sure the addons you download for WordPress come from a reliable source to remove any chance of a breach.

WordPress Plugins

Effectively, WordPress plugins are addons you can add to your website which accomplish a number of functions. All you need to do is install it, adjust whatever settings they might have to suit your needs, and you are done. Whether you need to generate more traffic, add social media sharing options, or improve your SEO, there is a WordPress plugin for you.

Manage Your Own Website

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with a WordPress website is the autonomy which comes with it. Even if you have no prior experience in working with websites, WordPress is user-friendly enough for anyone to learn. You have full control over what is put on the website, and you create the content.

With all the customization options, too, you can make your business website look just as you imagined it. When you use WordPress, you can manage your own website.