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Get More Traffic That Converts With Video SEO

Our team believes that video is one of the best forms of communication available today. Within the last 10 years, we’ve seen video become a major part of communication on every platform imaginable.

Google’s noticed too. Google now takes video content into serious consideration when ranking a page for a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

Nozak Consulting can help you build the video content you need to not only engage more customers on their preferred medium, but also to gain ground within search results for your business’s website.

When you add video content to your website and social media channels you capture more attention, and more traffic that could convert into customers.

Need Help Making Video Content?

Level 2 Video Production From Nozak Consulting


Did you know that we have a dedicated video production team?

From scripts, to storyboarding and on camera coaching, we can help you produce strategic, high quality video content that converts.

Video content has become a “Must have” for SMBs and especially local businesses who need to stand out in their marketplace.

Capture more attention that leads customers to your door with Level 2 Video Production from Nozak Consulting.

Capture More Attention And Tell Stories That Sell

A solid video SEO plan allows you to tell your organization’s story in a personal way that goes beyond written words on a page.

You can express more emotion and let people see how passionate you and your team are about what you do best.

Visitors to your website have a higher likelihood of connection with your business when they see the faces and people who actually work there on a video. You can attract customers that you want to work with: people who resonate with your organization’s message.

Great stories sell better than any salesman ever has. Visually representing your story through video takes it to the next level.

Our team can help you create just the right video content and implement an overall Video SEO strategy that can help propel your business to the forefront of the Tulsa marketplace.

Attention matters when it comes to business and more often than not, the organizations with the most (positive) attention are winning the most customers.

Open Up New Channels Of Communication and Customer Insights With Video SEO

Video SEO services give your business communication a focus that it may not have had before. We’ll help you communicate directly and effectively with your customers, and potential customers across multiple platforms.

You can communicate valuable and helpful information that assist people who are out there looking for the exact expertise that you have.

When they find your video you can bet that they will want to know where it came from, and in turn, they’ll think of you as a trusted source of information when it comes to your industry.

We’re not talking about giving away company secrets here, but if you’re thinking “I don’t have a dynamic story to tell.

Why should I use video?” It’s OK! You can document your team’s progress on big projects with video. This shows visitors exactly how your organization functions and showcases the high quality work that your team provides.

Documenting even your daily process can provide immense value and build trust in a potential customer, making them more likely to commit to a purchase with you.

our Approach

Did you know that people use Youtube and Google in completely different ways? Yet they’re both related to SEO. It’s not always as cut and dry as it may look from just reading a few articles online. That’s why Nozak Consulting can help you add depth to your SEO strategy with Video SEO for your business or organization.

Like a website, videos must be optimized and promoted. Optimization is king in regard to searchability and we know how to optimize your assets.

Once the asset is created, in essence, it is the beginning of the journey, not the end. Now that there is a buggy, horses must be installed to pull that buggy into visibility. We understand how to make the buggy and we understand the horses. Content without optimization and visibility is nothing more than content. Optimized content with systems in place to pull the content toward the viewing audience is a strategy.

An optimized video that has high quality content is much more likely to get a click through versus a text version of that material. Video or text? Both. It is that simple.

Engaging video content is an integral part of an SEO strategy, brand recognition, and a marketing strategy. Nothing beats optimized content.

Capture more attention and build a community

with Video SEO from Nozak Consulting

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