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Nozak Consulting SEO Coaches are dedicated experts who can help you maximize your reach and drive more business.

Whether you have a new or established website, knowing the best SEO techniques can make a significant difference to the visibility of your company online.

Do you want to get more traffic to your website?

Are you spending thousands on a website and not seeing foot traffic increase?

Can customers find you on Google search?

Are you getting enough ROI from your website?

Are you tired of spending money on Google Adwords with nothing to show?

Does SEO make your brain hurt?

Your website should be bringing you new business.

Make A Move From Strategy to Action Today

With Personalised SEO Coaching, you get advice that is tailored to your business.  Having an SEO Mentorship service is one such way you can get information that is relevant to your individual situation, and it can serve as a springboard in which to help transform your vision and goals into actionable steps.

Good SEO for your website will take time; the sooner you get can start, the quicker your journey will be. If you are looking to get help to teach yourself SEO, we can help you take those first steps today.

✓ Get Higher Rankings
✓ Increase Your Leads and Sales
✓ Get More Traffic

Finding the right beginners guide to SEO online can give you a solid foundation to start making a difference to your website.

best seo tools

f you have looked online at the different tools for SEO, you might feel somewhat overwhelmed with the choices that are available. While it is true that there are lots of different reports to help you improve your keywords, knowing where to start, and which products are best can be a challenge.

If you are looking for Free SEO tools, there are many of these available online. However, as with all free tools, there are certain limitations, and this is where SEO coaching can help.

If you consider the time you might spend searching for the best keywords for your website, along with navigating the myriad of options for the different SEO tools and reports; not to mention the time it takes to learn how to use these tools, the costs soon start to mount up.

An SEO coaching service can help you with this important groundwork, and when done by an experienced SEO consultancy service, you get authentic information that is obtained using industry-leading tools that deliver proven results.

All of our SEO consulting can be undertaken remotely online, there is no need to travel,and as a result, this means we can provide affordable SEO coaching to clients located anywhere in the world.

SEO Coaching Tips from The Experts

#1 Taking Free SEO Coaching Courses Online

There are lots of SEO courses that you can take online. The important point to consider here is the time it will take to complete the course Vs. the value you are going to get. If you have found a free SEO course, then make sure you check when their content was last updated. For instance, if your course is 1-2 years old; while it might teach you a few new things, it might already be out of date.

As just one example, Google frequently makes changes that directly impact the SEO of a website. In 2019 alone, there have already been several updates to the Search Quality Guidelines that Google use.

#2 Know Your Customers

Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established company, understanding your customers, knowing their pain points, and understanding how you can address them is key. SEO in 2019 places a huge focus on the content you serve-up on the site and making sure your content addresses the needs of your potential customers is paramount.

#3 Internal Linking of Your Pages

To help your customers find relevant information, and to help the search engines index the pages on your site; you need to try and link your pages together at every available opportunity. Having an internal linking strategy for SEO is something that needs to become almost habitual as you create your pages, and add more content as time goes on.

#4 Content IS Still King

Good SEO for any website is founded upon having great content. Not only does this mean having unique content that is relevant for your target audience; it also needs to be completely free from errors. Content SEO encompasses so many different elements, but essentially, you need to make sure that both the structure and the writing are on-point.

#5 Site Structure

Having a good structure will help search engines to understand your website. It can make it easy for Google to find and index your content, or not. The ideal site structure needs to be similar to a pyramid. On the top is your homepage, which should link to your core category pages, which should then link to other subpages and blogs. The pages which focus on common search terms need to be close to the top of your pyramid, and the pages which have more specific long-tail keywords need to be in the lower part of your site structure.

#6 Keywords

Any successful SEO strategy needs to include solid keyword research. You need to know what your customers are going to be typing into the search engines if you want to generate the right type of traffic to your site. Follow these steps to get started:

1. What is your company mission? What do you want to achieve?
2. Write down all the search terms you think potential customers might use
3. Consider the search intent
4. Create individual landing pages for each of these keywords on your website

The longer the keywords and search terms are, the better. Plus, these longer keywords are usually easier to rank for than the short phrases or singular words.

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