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Why your Tulsa business needs SEO

In this article we aim to show you why your Tulsa business needs SEO, by looking at the following: Why A Tulsa Business Needs SEO? What is SEO? How is a Website Optimized NAP – Your Digital Business Card New and Fresh Content Why You Should Give Away Great Content...

How to switch off the login screen on your computer

      Disable Login Screen If you’re comfortable with the fact that you do not need the extra security, you might want to disable the login screen on your laptop to make things easier each time you open your mac or PC. In this post, we explain exactly how to...

What Does Google EAT Mean?

Quick Links What EAT stands For and Why It Matters Define Expertise Define Authority Define Trustworthy How Can I Improve My Google Content with EAT? How to Establish Expertise in your Website Google Content How to Establish Authority in your Website Google Content...

How Mobile-First Indexing Will Affect Your SEO Strategy

How Mobile-First Indexing Will Affect Your SEO Strategy   In this article, we'll cover the following: Understanding How Google Ranks Pages How Mobile-First Will Change Results How Will Mobile-First Impact Your Site? Best Practices for Separate Content on Mobile...

An Honest Review Of Yoast Academy

An Honest Review Of Yoast Academy Our team here at Nozak Consulting recently completed Yoast's SEO training.  Upon completion of the program, we received a certificate.  The following is an honest review and review of Yoast Academy and what we learned through their...

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