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Add Me To Search: How To Create Your Google People Card

Scott Emigh

When we search for celebrities or people of interest, often an info box appears that details basic information about the person. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can have your own Google People Card. When someone searches your name, the info box will pop up like it does for celebrities. 

This is a great tool for people who want to get exposure for a business venture or other endeavor. In order to get your own Google People Card, all you need is Google’s Add Me to Search function. 

Add Me To Search

“Add Me to Search” is a way for individuals to have a virtual business card or profile card appear directly in Google Search results. When someone searches for your name, this card can pop up. It concisely summarizes who you are and what you do, alongside other potentially relevant details.

How Does It Work?

Here’s how the Add Me To Search function works and how you can get your own Google People Card. 

1. Creating a Card

Users can create their card by searching for “Add me to Search” on Google while signed in to their Google account. Google will then guide you through the process of creating your card.

2. Personalize Your Card

You can add details like a profile picture, a brief bio, your occupation, and links to social media profiles or websites. Google has measures in place to ensure the information is authentic and valid.

3. Privacy

You have control over the information you want to be displayed. Also, your phone number and email can be hidden, but Google uses them for verification purposes.

Why Use “Add Me to Search”?

“Add Me to Search” offers individuals an opportunity to have a curated presence directly on Google Search. Here are several reasons why one might consider using “Add Me to Search”:

1. Personal Branding

We live in an increasingly digital world, and personal branding is crucial. Having a profile card on Google provides a snapshot of who you are and what you represent. It makes it easier for people to understand your professional identity quickly.

2. Enhanced Online Visibility

If you don’t have a personal website or a significant social media presence, “Add Me to Search” can give you a visible spot on the web. It ensures that when someone looks you up, they find relevant and curated information rather than random or potentially misleading content.

3. Convenient for Professionals and Freelancers

This feature provides a straightforward way to showcase skills, work, and relevant contact details. It’s a great feature for professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to be discovered or contacted for opportunities.

4. Control Over Information

The internet can be full of outdated, irrelevant, or even false information. With “Add Me to Search,” you have more control over the primary details people see when searching for your name.

5. Direct Contact Point

While you can opt to hide sensitive information like phone numbers or emails, you can also provide a direct means of contact. This makes it easier for potential collaborators, employers, or clients to reach out.

6. Can Replace The Need for a Personal Website

While having a personal website is beneficial, not everyone has the resources. It takes a lot of time and skills to maintain one. This feature offers an alternative that requires less upkeep, and it doesn’t require any technical skills. 

7. Trust and Verification

Google’s verification process ensures that the information is authentic. This can instill more trust in those viewing your card, knowing the information has been validated. The last thing you want is someone thinking that your card is fake or falsified. 

8. Flexibility

You can update the card as you experience changes in your career or pursuits. Being able to update the card helps with ensuring that your online representation stays current.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Google People Cards:

1. What are Google People Cards?

Google People Cards are virtual profile cards that individuals can create to appear directly on Google Search. They allow users to highlight their professional and personal details as an online business card.

2. How do I create a People Card?

You can start by logging into your Google account and searching for “Add me to Search.” Follow the prompts to build your card, filling in details like a profile picture, bio, occupation, and links to websites or social media profiles.

3. Is it free to create a People Card?

Yes, creating a Google People Card is free.

4. Can I edit my People Card after creating it?

You can edit your card anytime by searching for “Edit my People Card” on Google while logged into your account.

5. How does Google verify the information?

Google employs a verification process to ensure the authenticity of the details on People Cards. Typically, phone number verification is used, but Google may use other methods to confirm the accuracy of the provided information.

6. What if someone creates a fake card for me?

Google has put measures in place to prevent impersonation. However, if you come across a card that you believe is impersonating you, there’s an option to provide feedback directly on the card in question. Google will then review the reported issue.

7. Will my People Card always appear in search results?

Not necessarily. Google uses its algorithms to decide when to display a People Card in search results based on relevance, the quality of information, and other factors.

8. What details can I include in my People Card?

You can add a variety of details, including a profile picture, bio, occupation, education, address, phone number, email, and links to websites and social media profiles. 

9. Can I delete my People Card?

Yes, you can delete your People Card anytime. To do so, search for “Delete my People Card” on Google while logged into your account and follow the provided steps.