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Our team here at Nozak Consulting recently completed Yoast’s SEO training.  Upon completion of the program, we received a certificate.  The following is an honest review and review of Yoast Academy and what we learned through their program.

The Bottom Line: The Yoast academy was definitely worth it – especially if you already use the Yoast plugin for any of your wordpress sites. A few of the modules felt overly – drawn out and unnecessary, but as a whole – the value was definitely worthy of the price tag. As of the publishing of this article, the price is $700

In this review of Yoast Academy, We’ll go over the following topics:

Site Structure


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You don’t really know what’s hurting your website sometimes.  Site structure is a huge one that you really don’t read about that often in blog posts and other SEO help articles.  Site structure though, is crucial.  Yoast doesn’t just tell you why site structure is important though, they go through how to set up your site structure from scratch starting the foundation of all of SEO – your keywords and moving forward from there.

If you consider yourself more of a web designer versus and “SEO” person, this section can help you achieve some notable SEO just during the design phase of your website.  The great thing about this information was that they made it applicable even if you had a site that was already built.  Covering everything from “Defining cornerstone content,” to “Determining how may categories you should have”.  This section goes deep and not only provides a great education on the subject of site structure, but also shows you how to implement it.

The site structure modules offer a 2 fold benefit.  They help you design a better user experience and help your site be more easily read by Google.  This module alone was worth the price of admission.

SEO Basics


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In SEO Basics you’ll learn exactly how Google looks at information and the approach you need to have to build a healthy and strong, optimized site.  Starting with solid keyword research, and learning how to identify long-tail keywords.  Yoast goes out of their way to make sure that you understand the approach that you need to have is one of building a great site – not gaming the system.

A lot of SEO folks struggle with the need for results versus actually building a solid site, and having the right mindset is a game changer.  This module really helps you get that mindset so that you create your content the right way – and provide value to your target audience all while making sure that your content gets ranked properly by Google.  If you’re an SEO provider, or need to convince a decision maker at your organization that SEO is worth the cost of services, this section can really help.  These modules will provide you with ample evidence that you can use to gain more support or close a deal with a potential SEO client.

Yoast makes it clear that everything they share comes from a place of helping you organically grow your website, not beat the system or hack your way to more traffic through shady tactics.

Content Writing



The Yoast team goes over how to create memorable content and basic writing ideas.  This was a good refresher, but the most valuable part of this section was the structure section on how to space out your text for crawlability.  This section did feel a little basic and was not as fun to go through as some of the other areas.

The writing section was a big contrast to how you may have learned to write in college, and could really turn around your content that you put out there.  This isn’t scammy writing techniques, but how to clearly communicate your point and present in a way that is easy for Google to understand.  The intent is still the same – to provide high value content to folks who are looking for it.

After you’ve learned or brushed up on your SEO writing and get someone to land on your site – then you need to work on conversion.  Conversion is covered in this course as well and really provides some key insights for getting a passer buy to turn into a customer.  Yoast provides real world examples from their website, and re-tells stories from client sites.  This information will really help you start thinking about conversion in the right way.

Technical SEO

Yoast Academy also covers the technical aspects of your site when it comes to SEO.  They make sure that you have the knowledge to make your site technically sound.   They’ll go over a lot of the technical issues that you’ll need to keep track of on your site and show you both the free and paid tools that are available to use.  The Yoast SEO Premium plugin comes up a lot  and rightly so.  That plugin is a beast and can really help you as you implement the lessons learned from Yoast Academy.
The Technical SEO topic actually takes up an entire section of the Academy.  There’s a lot of great information in there.  Some topics you may already be familiar with if you’ve been doing any sort of optimizations yourself, and others are new methods to implement in light of all the recent Google updates. Topics in this area include the robot.txt file, meta tags, cononical links, crawlability, and site speed.

The Yoast SEO Plugin

This was the lengthiest section of the courses – and was a difficult to push through.  It was comprised of what felt like an endless amount of 2 minute videos that break down each individual setting on the Yoast plugin for Word Press. Some of the features are amazing – but you had to watch every video to make sure you didn’t miss anything.  If anything, this was the weakest part of the course as far as presentation goes.  I definitely think it could’ve been improved upon with different sections such as an “Essential” section, or “Advanced” settings etc….




That’s right, Yoast makes it official with a certificate at the end of this whole process. This is really great, especially if you have anyone working for you, to have them go through this process and have a certification on file.  We even had our copywriters go through this entire course, and it was definitely a benefit to them.


The Yoast Academy was incredibly helpful.  I’m really glad we have it as a resource to revisit and learn from.  Each module has it’s own PDF download.  The PDF is not repeated information from the videos, but actual, additional information.  The Yoast academy definitely exceeds the value for price point.
We’ve seen dramatic increases for our clients since implementing the lessons we learned through this training.   If you can’t really afford to spend the money on Yoast Academy right now, don’t worry – their blog is also a great resource and always being updated with great information.
The biggest take away from the Yoast course was definitely a shift in thinking about how we create content and the way that content is presented.


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