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The culture of competition is constantly changing, and to stand a chance in the 2017 markets, your business needs to change with it.

Retailers such as Sears, Wal-Mart, Payless ShoeSource, Wet Seal, Gordmans, and countless others are closing locations across Oklahoma, citing an ever-changing market.

To keep your business relevant in the digital age, you need to be utilizing all the SEO tools available.

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools help business owner improve their website’s position in search engine result pages.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important forms of advertising a business can invest in. Potential clients no longer flip through the yellow pages or watch TV commercials. They pull up their smartphones and google whatever they’re needing.

A study conducted by the University of Twente showed that 91% of searchers do not go past the first page of search engine results, and 50% of searchers don’t look past the first three results.

 So ask yourself, “Is anyone finding my website?”

If your website is on page two and pulls in a thousand views per month from search engines, just think about how much traffic you would get if you were on page one!

Free Google SEO Tools

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. You have no way of knowing what works and what doesn’t without analytics. In Analytics you can not only view how many visitors you’ve had over time, you can even track how many active users you have at any given moment.

Using Analytics, you can identify trends in how people use your site. What months do you receive the most traffic? What days of the week? What time of day? Are they going directly to your site or being referred from someone else’s website? Do they find you through a search engine like Google? Analytics can answer all of these questions.

Google PageSpeed Insights tells you exactly which areas of your site need improvements in order to make it more user friendly and easily scrollable.

Google Webmaster Tools tells you exactly what Google thinks of your site. It will inform you of crawl errors, indexing errors, missing pages, and more. Not only will it tell you which queries sent traffic to your site, but it will tell you exactly how far back in the results a person has to scroll before they find you.

Google Webmaster Academy is a great educational tool that gives you information on how to create a great site, how to utilize Google Search and Google Search Console to their maximum potential, and quizzes to assess your knowledge and room for growth. 

SEO Tools List

Above were just a few of our favorite tools offered by Google. There are countless other resources at your disposal.

Moz Local Listing Score searches for your business and gives you a comprehensive list of all the social and informational sites you need to be on. It identifies how complete your listings are on each site and tells you what’s missing.

Check My Links is a free Google Chrome extension that quickly checks webpages for any broken links.

GTmetrix is a free site that judges your site’s real loading speed. While Google Page Speed Insights checks your site’s code, GTmetrix actually loads the full site.

There are countless additional tools on the web that can help you increase your web presence, search engine performance, and site performance. Get started with these and let us help you! Nozak Consulting provides quality expertise on everything from search engine optimization to viral and print marketing.

What kind of business do you own? Landscaping? Photography? Cosmetology? Let’s say it’s photography. Go to google and search “Tulsa photographers.” Did your business come up on the first page? If not, you need Nozak Consulting’s SEO services.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process by which you improve your website’s position in Google and other search engine results. Most potential customers will never look past the first page of results. Nozak Consulting wants to help you reach those customers.

Tulsa SEO Services

Nozak Consulting offers numerous SEO services designed to radically increase your web presence and site traffic.

Having a website is a necessity in the 21st century. If you want to have an edge on the competition, you can’t just have a website. You have to have a great website. A site that is easy to find and even easier to use. Nozak Consulting has designed state-of-the-art websites for numerous local entities ranging from auto shops and boutiques to non-profits and opticians.

Nozak Consulting will analyze your site to identify what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Through clean web design, smart keywords, social networking, and custom content. Nozak will use all the best practices to help you work your way up to the number-one search engine ranking in your category.

Web Design and SEO Services

The most important part of SEO is having an intelligently-designed website. You can’t just write a bunch of blogs stuffed full of keywords. You have to have proper keyword placement, photo and video content, metatags, etc.

What makes Nozak Consulting the best choice for your local SEO services is their premier web design services. Nozak-designed websites are sleek, clean, easily-navigable, quick-loading, and some of the best-looking sites you’ll see.

You might think in the days of Facebook and other social media forums that you don’t really need a website for your business to succeed. You would be wrong, however.

Not only do social media platforms limit your capabilities and potential market, but they also don’t tend to last. Xanga, Myspace, Tumbler, Twitter, Youtube; a different social site pops up every year and each new generation abandons their old platform to go after the latest trends.

There is no replacement for an actual website with distinctive design and services.

Tulsa Website Development

Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to improve your existing website, Nozak Consulting is at the top of the list in Tulsa website development. With an ever-expanding list of clients, Nozak is spreading like wildfire through the Tulsa community grapevine for their innovative and top-notch website development.

Are you completely internet illiterate? That’s okay! It’s complicated, they understand, and they’re more than happy to do it all for you. Nozak Consulting can build you a new website and maintain everything for you.

If you have the basics down, but want a more refined edge to your site, then Nozak can come in and revamp your site from the top down, looking for opportunities to improve performance and design wherever there’s room for development.

Even if you think you’re the bee’s knees on the web, it’s important to always have a second set of eyes on your site.

Not only are you less likely to notice flaws in your own work, but the internet is also constantly changing. You can emulate the best-looking sites on the web and three-months later it will be out of date and behind the curve.

Website Development for SEO

When designing a website, you have to design it for both people and programs. Not only do you want your site to be easily navigable for potential customers, but you also want it to look good to the robots that Google and other search engine use to analyze your content.

While your site might look perfect to the human eye, if it’s confusing to a search engine, then you’ll never come up in people’s search results.

Nozak Consulting utilizes the best practices in website development to optimize your site for search engines. From proper site mapping to anchor text and metatags, Nozak knows how to design the parts of your site that humans never see.

Website Development for Beginners

A good website has to be serviceable and maintainable. Nozak websites are always built with the user in mind. Rooted in WordPress, Nozak sites are designed to be easily manageable for business owners regardless of experience.

Don’t delay, call today! Nozak Consulting wants to help you bring your business to new levels of performance and success.