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What Is The Role Of A CEO? | William Nozak 

To bring the outside to the inside and then to maximize the insides’ performance to cope with the outside.

To attract buyers and visibility, a CEO orchestrates teams that define, innovate, position, re-position, and create value propositions, competitive advantages, and comparative advantages in order to bring the outside in. Through processing, supply-chaining, outsourcing, insourcing, in-forming, etc. evolution of an inside occurs. Something with walls, ceilings, and floors. A distinct inside and outside air. This service/product is introduced to the world through press releases, marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, & sales.

The CEO must first have an inside and then must find a way to bring the outside to the inside.

We have built it and they are coming. A CEO manages processes, vision, mission, & values in order to steer the ship toward its specified target. Planning, re-planning, burning plans, flattening, correcting, directing, coaching, hiring, re-hiring, winning, losing, analyzing and learning in order to maximize performance. Two simple tasks of a CEO bring the outside in and maximize performance in correlation to external demands.

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