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The Innovative Entrepreneur

William Nozak

William Nozak & Matthew Hunter

The world as we know it is built on ideas. Anyone can have an idea — a great one, even — but it takes a certain kind of someone to turn an idea into a revolution.

Without an innate currency, an idea is just that — a soundless thought in one’s mind. So what currency translates an idea from mind to market?

Ambition and Curiosity. Although they are not mutually exclusive let us enjoy them separately as the true storyline of idea.


Ambition is what I would like to term fuel enough. An idea, birthed or emulated, requires human currency to take it from mind to market.

Great ideas come to all minds and only the ambitious have the fuel to see these ideas become the collective reality. Oh, the wondrous inventions made possible by those with ideas and ambition enough to make those ideas reality. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg.


Your eyes are not adjusted, something is, but what is does not satisfy the ‘is’ that should be. Enter curiosity. Through new lenses come great inventions. September 28th, 1928, Alexander Fleming, a bacteriologist at St. Mary’s Hospital, returns from his summer vacation to find his Petri dishes contaminated with mold. This mold, he soon discovers, prevents further growth of the bacteria.

This discovery, of course, Penicillin. There are no substitutes for ambition, intelligence, and hard work when taking an innovation from mind to market and even more so curiosity when an innovation invites itself upon us.

Innovative Entrepreneur

Ambition and curiosity are not mutually exclusive. Being an entrepreneur does not require much of either. Being an innovative entrepreneur however does.

The type of innovative entrepreneur, you see in your mind’s eye, determines the amount of ambition and curiosity that you will want to harness as you evolve. Both are skills to be exercised; it does not hurt to have a little dose of one or both at birth. Can these be learned? Absolutely, but more accurately trained. We often have to start asking the right questions.