As Google continues to shift the optimization algorithm, sites must be built flexible and have designs that are optimized for both indexing and visitors.

Our Consulting Group is a leader in Oklahoma in web development, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Management.

Why build your website with Nozak Consulting?

Free Hosting

As long as you’re a Nozak Consulting customer, we’ll host your website for you on our secure server. We religiously monitor and maintain this server 24/7.

Mobile Responsive

Desktops, large screens, mobile phones, and tablets. We build our sites to dynamically adjust to all devices.

Free Tools

Each website comes with analytics, webmaster settings, plugins, a free theme and much more that we have collected and developed for high performance & Searchability.

Simple To Maintain

We built it and then teach you how to work with it as much as you are willing to learn. There isn’t anything better than a business owner that has a working knowledge of his/her site. The great feature of ease of use means the benefit to the client is it really is easy to use. Especially for something that doesn’t use code: CSS & HTML. We don’t want to set our small business owners up for failure, so these solutions are purposeful. WordPress websites have all the functionality available to them that the biggest brands use, while have the ease of use of a platform such as Wix or Shopify.

Why Choose Nozak Consulting


We analyze your website, web presence, strategy, social media, analytics, & searchable terms. There is more to a website than the visible. Where are you now. Where are you tomorrow.



Each design is tailored to the business. We use expensive, unique plugins that optimizate websites on Google & other search engines.


Detailed Development

It matters to search engines how the back end of your business is built. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too complex, for easy upkeep and maintenance. That being said, the devil is in the details when it comes to ranking on search engines.


Through experience from building our brands and yours, we’ve learned what it takes to optimize a business online from the design to the content.

We’ve got tools to analyze your site performance, usability, analytics, and keyword performance. Let us develop a plan with recommendations for your team based on your clients site-interactions.

We’ll help you with:

Web Design

Google loves to change and update its algorithms. So do other search engines. Trends change and evolve. If you aren’t staying on top of what’s changing, your website can fall behind and even out of the top page overnight. 

Currently, websites need to be:

  • Rapid and reliable.
  • sleek, simple, clean.
  • Mobile-responsive.
  • User friendly and aesthetically appealing.
  • SSL Certified

Web Development

Nozak Consulting has the design team and developers that work together to create your unique website. Our designs maximize functionality and aesthetics.

Simple Maintenance

Our easy-to-maintain websites are based on WordPress, the dynamic web publishing platform used by millions of sites worldwide. Creating new pages, posts. Posting videos and other content has never been easier. We teach you how to do these things. We have a training course for Small Business Owners! We will train you how to modify & manage your website, imrpove your searchability, use Google Analytics & Webmaster tools and much more.

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 Badly built websites can be down often, slow, and not optimized. Our websites and applications are simple to maintain, upgrade, and fix. So, any added features or fixes that need to occur in the future won’t pile massive extra costs onto your projects.


We use the top standards put forth by Google and other authorities. Our team is always learning and finding the next better thing that improves user experience and website optimization. Web development is a life style, a learning curve, an experience, and fun too. Quality, speed, up-to-date, modern websites rank higher. It’s no fun being on second page. Our methods are techniques that keep you moving up the search engine.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can enhance your online business. Whether you need us as a sounding board or a development team to design, and manage your online assets; we can help.

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