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Video SEO


Our production team is committed to telling your story through top of the line filming, editing and post-production.  We make videos that grab attention and keep eyeballs on your site.



Like a website, videos must be optimized and promoted. Optimization is king in regard to searchability and we know how to optimize your assets.

Once the asset is created, in essence, it is the beginning of the journey, not the end. Now that there is a buggy, horses must be installed to pull that buggy into visibility. We understand how to make the buggy and we understand the horses. Content without optimization and visibility is nothing more than content. Optimized content with systems in place to pull the content toward the viewing audience is a strategy.

An optimized video that has high quality content is much more likely to get a click through versus a text version of that material. Video or text? Both. It is that simple.

Engaging video content is an integral part of an SEO strategy, brand recognition, and a marketing strategy. Nothing beats optimized content.

Nothing works like putting your service, product, branding, customer service, vision, and story into video. Additionally, having training videos for staff can make all the difference for hiring & retention.

Once a product/service or image is put into video it is easy to market through several channels such as Google, Facebook, or even YouTube.  Whether you need marketing videos for SEO or internal training videos, we can make high quality videos that match your brand.

Our services include: 

YouTube Optimization Services

Optimization of the channel, videos, thumbnails, and more.

 Video Promotion on Facebook

Facebook video is the new thing. Everyone is using it and consuming it.

Animated Explainer Video

30 seconds to 2 minutes, we can break down your material in a fun animated way.

Video Infographic

Show some statistics or details. Proud of your numbers? Turn them into a video marketing campaign.

Sales Letter Video

Tell customers why they need your product or service.

Tutorial Video

Customers or employees. Some of our favorite videos are internal use only of processes to be used by future employment. Maintain quality & reputation.

Hercules Tire

Hercules Tire & Auto Repair

Rebranded and Re-launched their website to become a top competitor in their local market.

battman v3 ipad and iphone

Battman Collision Repair

Launched a new website with us and used our monthly SEO service to dramatically increase their traffic.


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