SEO Scammers Targeting Tulsa-Based Businesses



Global SEO Scams – Don’t get caught out!

Tulsa, Oklahoma: The SEO industry is being tainted by rogue agents who claim they can help boost website rankings. When, in fact, their outdated tactics are having a negative impact on site rankings, and they are wasting client’s time and money. Both our own organization and our clients have started to receive an increasing number of unsolicited phone calls from local numbers along with emails from companies claiming to offer low-cost SEO and web development services.

‘’The spammy and sloppy SEO practices that are often used by these rogue SEO companies typically result in lower search engine rankings. Also known as black hat tactics, they appeal to small business owners because of their low cost. However, the cost of fixing the mess that follows is often far greater. We want to put an end to businesses being burned by these SEO scams’’ – William Nozak, Founder, Nozak Consulting.

We are now talking with clients on a daily basis who have fallen victim to such tactics. For many small business owners who often don’t have the time to learn SEO for themselves, trusting a so-called expert who sounds like they know what they are talking about, and who offers their services at a low-cost is a tempting prospect. Don’t fall in the trap; it NEVER works out.

SEO ScamHow to Detect a Scam SEO Company

    • Calling from a local number, but there is a pause before the person answers and the persons accent is not native-American (with exceptions)


  • Making far-fetched promises such as getting you to the top of Google within a matter of months



  • They do not have a telephone number for you to return their call and offer to ring you back rather than providing their own business landline



  • Promising hundreds of new backlinks to your site with no prior discussion of a strategy – (this can lead to a manual penalty by Google – as backlinking strategies require granular vetting of links; certainly not a buckshot approach with an ironclad resolve to just say NO to spammy links).



  • Offering a free trial



  • Claiming to be ‘Google Algorithm Experts’



  • Having secret SEO strategies



Google’s intelligently designed algorithms detect high-quality content, it can tell when there are grammatical or syntax errors, it can pick up on outdated SEO practices such as keyword stuffing, and it knows when people are trying to take shortcuts with their SEO.

The result is a website that is tossed between the waves of manual and algorithmic penalties. The result is a web presence that is kicked entirely from the search engine rankings or is continually pushed down the search engine results pages, the complete opposite to what a business wants to happen.

Good SEO & website security need to be handled by companies with whom you have a clear and direct line of communication. You need to work with a company whom you can understand and who understands you.

Making changes, controlling your hosting, URL, adding content, and all the other tasks that come with website management and development are made far more challenging by the differing time zones & compounded by language barriers, and poor practices.

Who do you trust more; someone that can have their feet held to the fire or someone that can disappear and become unresponsive when something goes sideways?

SEO is an evolving practice, and it is marked up against ever-changing algorithms.

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Five Easy DIY Ways You Can Boost Your SEO

  1. Publish a business blog on a regular basis with quality content
  2. Make sure you use Title, Description, and Keyword Metadata correctly
  3. Create relevant links within your text that are enriched with keywords
  4. Make sure you use ALT tags to describe your visual content
  5. Fix any or all broken links on your site – use GWT

Ultimately, good SEO results require good SEO practices. If you try to take shortcuts and use unacceptable tactics, this can and will have the opposite effect. Partnering with mainland SEO companies should be a minimum requirement when you consider whom to use. If you think you need SEO help, talk to a local technical partner about your needs and your budget and find a solution that works for your individual needs.

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SEO is like science; it requires experimentation and careful analysis. It is the scientific method of hypotheses making and hypothesis breaking. You do not want an SEO scientist, if you will, acting like Victor Frankenstein on your web presence. Once the damage is done, there are few quick fixes.

About Us: Nozak Consulting is a Tulsa-based digital creative business that partners with clients to provide effective and impactful web development and SEO services. We help to raise the credibility and visibility of our customer’s brands online with a clear goal of helping them achieve their long-term digital objectives.

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