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Once upon a time, marketing was simple. You put an ad in the local newspaper and that was it. Word of mouth was really all a person needed to be successful. Unfortunately, it’s not 1960 anymore. Between television, billboards, radio, and internet, your potential customers are being inundated with ads from competitors. If you don’t have the edge in marketing, you won’t have the edge in income and business growth.

Tulsa Marketing

Like every other industry in Tulsa, the marketing scene is overly crowded. And like every other industry in Tulsa, only the top few can really be considered experts. Many are new, undereducated, inexperienced, and practicing dated techniques with minimal results.

Nozak Consulting has the education. Founder and CEO William Nozak has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, is a former professor, and successful restaurant-owner with more than half a dozen locations established since 2014. Hire Tulsa SEO Company>>


Traditional Tulsa Marketing

It’s hard to go a week without seeing Nozak clients in the news.

Precision Optical has served Broken Arrow for more than two decades
Ashton’s Boutique launches new website for online shopping in Sand Springs
Harper’s Hut demonstrates true corporate citizenship and culture of giving
Battman Collision Repair has served Sand Springs for more than a decade

Nozak Consulting excels in traditional marketing mediums such as television and print media. The group maintains close working relationships with local reporters, creating frequent opportunities to feature clientele on the news and in the paper.

Additionally, the company employs talented branding and graphic design experts to create visually enticing advertisements for local magazines, billboards, newspapers, et cetera.

Viral Marketing Services

Nozak Consulting’s most impressive work is in viral marketing. Creative campaigning done right can produce dividends for a company. Take Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice, for instance.  

In June, Nozak created a Facebook post advertising a drawing for free shaved ice all season long. Customers simply had to tag a friend in the comments to be entered into the drawing. The post ended up with more than 1,300 comments and resulted in the largest surge in web traffic in the business’s history. Learn more about The Top Tulsa SEO Company>>

The giveaway model has been replicated by other Nozak clients with stunning success.

The key to good marketing, as evidenced by Nozak Consulting, is an ability to think outside of the box. Partnering with Nozak Consulting for your marketing needs will get you out of any box and any rut, putting you at the top of your game.

Battman Google Snippet

2017 called and asked if you have a fulltime multimedia service provider. You don’t? Then you’re not reaching your potential – period. A sign on your building, a billboard, maybe a classified ad in the paper—that’s not cutting it anymore.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 72% of U.S. adults use social media several times a day. Meanwhile, Pew Research reported in 2016 that 14% of adults listed social media as the most helpful news source with newspapers only getting 3% of the vote.

Traditional media is dying. Don’t let your business die with it.

Nozak Consulting offers some of the best quality multimedia services in Sand Springs at prices designed to be affordable for even the smallest of businesses. 

Social Media Icons

Multimedia for Social Media

Social Media Marketing is something that can no longer be done passively. In recent years Facebook has taken steps to limit the reach of business pages. If you want to reach your community, you either have to spend significant money on Facebook boosting, or master the art of creating highly-shareable and engaging posts.

Nozak Consulting has an impressive resume of viral images, videos, and share-to-win giveaway campaigns. Branding and graphic-design expert Michael Robinson can create eye-catching and engaging designs in all the right dimensions for profile pictures, banner images, Instagram posts, etc.

Video work is another specialty of Nozak’s. Nozak clients like Harper’s Hut have gone viral with exciting videos about their Meltdown Summer Snowball Fight, as well as annual highlight reels showing all the best moments from throughout the season.

Multimedia for Print

Not all images are created equal, and the pictures you use on Facebook won’t translate to effective advertisements in a magazine, on a flyer, on a banner, or on a billboard. Not only do the dimensions vary drastically from one medium to another, but the necessary design does as well.

It’s a lot easier to catch someone’s eye in a newspaper than it is while they’re driving down the road. Newspaper ads can be wordier, less colorful, and more informative. Magazine ads need to be vibrant to stand out from all of the other images. Banners need to be clean (meaning not cluttered), with only the absolute most-important information.

Nozak’s design team knows all the nuances of design and can help you create the most noticeable and memorable images in your community. Tulsa SEO Company>>

Multimedia for Television

Just like images designed for social media are different from images designed for print, so too are videos designed for YouTube different from videos designed for television.

Consumers hate advertisements unless they’re entertaining. Viewers today spend the entire year muting the commercials, right up until the Super Bowl. They want to be entertained, not yelled at.

Look at the success of Lincoln Motor’s ad campaign starring Matthew McConaughey. Historically, car commercials have been loud and obnoxious with people yelling cheesy catch phrases and screaming about their latest deals. Sure, it helps to have an Academy Award winning actor, but what makes the commercials so unique is that they’re subtle, sleek, and engaging.

Whatever types of multimedia you want to engage, and we recommend that you engage them all, Nozak Consulting can help you concoct vivid creations that are guaranteed to bring in business. Learn more about our services and Nozak Consulting a Tulsa SEO Company>>

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