Business Jingles and Audio Production Services

It’s all about the hook…

There’s only one way to get stuck in your customer’s head all day and that is with a killer jingle hook.

Nozak Consulting’s Audio team can create the perfect jingle for your business that aligns with your brand’s identity.

There are a lot of jingle companies out there, but it takes more than just the audio capabilities. 

A successful jingle begins with a great idea and that’s where Nozak Consulting is different from the rest.  We get the core of your message right first and then tailor fit it to your audience.


A great jingle can increase your revenue by directing traffic to your front door.  Jingles create awareness with your target audience and keep you at top of mind with your memorable jingle.  People will sing a really great commercial jingle long after they’ve heard it on the air. This means that your advertising is working for a long time after you’ve purchased it.

The emotional core of a great jingle establishes a bond with your customer on a subconscious level and research indicates that 80% of people’s decisions are based on emotions. This means that your jingle has a direct effect on someone’s purchase decision.

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Full Production Capabilities At Your Service


We have full digital studios available to meet and exceed broadcast standards for your jingle.

Our studios integrate Apple products, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro in addition to our top of line hardware. Want a vintage sound for your jingle?

No problem. Want a crystal clear and modern sounding jingle?  We can do that too.

Really want to hear a specific instrument for your jingle?  No problem. 

We have a great range of instrument players on tap who can knock it out of the park without breaking the budget.

From superhero themes to great vocals – we can produce the perfect jingle for your business that represents your message to your target audience in a way that resonates with them.



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Music that keeps the bottom line in mind

It’s all about generating revenue, ensuring that your advertising dollars are working hard for you when you invest in a jingle produced by Nozak Consulting. 

When your profitable, we both win.  Because of this, we keep your ad’s objective clearly in the front of our minds at every stage of our jingle production process.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with the finished product.

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On Target With Your Local Market

From the very beginning we’ll dig deep into your business’s rich history and discover who makes up your customer base until we know which creative approach we’ll take to create your jingle and capture their attention. 

We will find the emotional connection that makes your customers spring into action when they hear your jingle and start heading in your direction.

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On Time For Your Ad Campaign

Timing is crucial for Ad Campaigns and we strive to have your jingle be at the tip of the spear for your campaign, not lagging behind. 

We’ll make sure that your jingle project stays on schedule and exceeds expectations at any cost.  Our team knows that it’s all too important to have all cylinders firing when it comes to launching a key advertising campaign especially during your business’s big quarter.

Have Questions?

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