Top 6 Things to Avoid When Hiring an SEO Service


Prestige Case StudyScam artists, con artists, hustlers, frauds, swindlers, or whatever you want to call them, no matter what industry you’re in, you’re bound to find them. Unfortunately, one place rife with them is the SEO industry. We want to help you avoid dishonest SEO services, so you can keep your well-earned money safe from would-be cheats.

Avoid Cold Call SEO Services

Cold callers can promise you the world, but don’t fall for it. If they are resorting to cold calls to find customers, they probably aren’t proficient in their line of work. This company is “supposedly” good at internet marketing, yes? So why do they need to make cold calls? They should be skilled enough at marketing themselves to get their clients. How can they help you if they can’t even help their own business?

Avoid Services with Misleading Search Engine Ranks

Let’s say a service is trying to get your business, so they show you a website nearly at the top of the Google search results. This does seem promising, but before you give them your money, beware. There are some internet marketing companies out there who buy backlinks to raise their website’s rank in search results. A few paid links here or there isn’t anything to worry about, but if the bulk of their backlinks are paid, you should avoid that company. They will likely charge you extortionate amounts to make up for what they spent on links, and more. Make sure this isn’t the case before you agree to the service.

Avoid SEO Companies Who Hire Offshore 

A sign of a good SEO company is when they hire local workers, so you can see and communicate with whoever is working to improve your business website’s SEO. Many SEO companies, however, hire overseas from countries like the Philippines or India where labor costs are lower. This prevents you from monitoring the quality of their work and keeps you from communicating with the employees. Furthermore, most SEO companies which hire offshore often use methods for improving SEO which can get your website banned from Google. All that to say, try avoiding companies who do this.

Avoid an SEO Practitioner Who Won’t Answer Questions

Asking questions is important if you want to understand exactly what you’re getting out of your SEO service. Many shady SEO practitioners will try to beguile you by answering your questions with fancy-sounding jargon to give the illusion that they are experts, but don’t fall for this. A trustworthy SEO company is willing to answer your questions in layman’s terms when possible. If they refuse to do so, then you should be wary.

Avoid SEO Consultants Who Give You Guarantees 

In truth, there are no guarantees in the SEO world. Even a great service might only be able to raise your website slightly higher in search engine results at no fault of their own or yours. Numerous factors are involved, and ultimately Google is the one who determines if you will be high up in the results. So, if an SEO company guarantees they can make you #1 on Google, turn them down.

Avoid Black Hat SEO 

“Black hat” is a term which is derived from old westerns, where the bad guys always wore black hats. It is used in the computer industry to refer to people who perform shady, if not downright illegal, practices. In the SEO industry, you will find many “black hats” to avoid, who try using cheap tricks to fool Google’s algorithms into improve your rank. While you might get immediate gratification, it isn’t a sustainable business practice; websites with legitimately strong SEO will outrank your website in no time. Plus, Google is cracking down harder on these practices, and you’ll likely find yourself banned if you rely on them.

It’s difficult for a small business in the SEO market. Remember these tips for when you next think about contacting a Tulsa SEO service.


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Learn How To Leverage Search

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