What Does The Path To Business Coaching Look Like?

When a flock of birds flies off into the sky, do they know where they are going? Did they talk about it just before take-off or maybe one lifted off and the rest followed? What we know is when birds fly in formation there is no single leader; each will get its turn. We can assume there is some form of communication with birds, so it is my hope to encourage a conversation among small business owners and together fly toward entrepreneurial & community growth.

What is my background? How did I get here?

I have toured and recorded over 60 songs as a BMI songwriter. With three full-length albums as my crowing jewel. (This brought me personal fulfillment as my natural hand in business is as a ‘pioneer’). As I worked on creating a following for my small music-making business, I knew I needed a supplemental income. In 2005, I owned my first franchise located in Dallas. In 2006, I started teaching college, which lasted until 2014. In 2008, I graduated with an MBA from ORU.  In 2010, I accepted a promotion becoming the first Director of Education at AIMT in Tulsa. (This is where I truly understood life as a ‘settler’).

In 2013, I had the great honor to marry my wife Lindsay Nozak and purchase three franchise units in California: Oxi Fresh of San Francisco, San Rafael, & Santa Rosa. These businesses, my wife and I owned/managed from Tulsa. What a ride owning and managing a business 1700 miles away! Everything that could go wrong did! And we have became stronger and smarter for it. In 2014, I became a fulltime entrepreneur starting my own brand: Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice. In 2014, our shaved ice stand won ‘Best of the Best Tulsa’ and had ten seasonal employees. The next year it had 20.

What do I do in my spare time?

I read over 20 books a year, my wife and I are raising our wonderful daughter Jocelyn, an unruly dog, and a rescue cat. We love spending time together, helping others, family, and our church. I do not have it all together and there are many, more able than I to catalog the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurial life.

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