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Marketing advice business-planencompasses many things. From Share of mind to share of market, free versus paid, paper versus online, it can get tricky. Let us help you use your money wisely. Devise an online plan, optimize your listings so that if you do spend money on Ad words, Yelp, Facebook boosting or some other online avenue, you’ll get your moneys worth.

However, until you’ve completely optimized your listing, marketing online can truly be a big waste of money. Not to mention, you’ll never successfully compete with national brands if you haven’t optimize your listing. So our marketing advice is, first optimize your listing. WE can help. Eliminate inaccuracies, duplicates, and be found in directories, then worry about a marketing campaign online and in paper form.

Social Media

One of the least expensive, and bang for your buck marketing is social media presence. Having a social media presence and boosting posts throughout the month is extremely effective, when you’re using tailored contact that targets your followers. We can help you if you need help and we can advise you do-it-yourselfers out there that really have a great handle on how to run your social media presence. Call us for any of your SEO, Social media, Branding, or Marketing needs.

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