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Two thousand thirteen I bought a franchise 1700 miles away. Why? Who knows? I could never have predicted the journey ahead. How can I own and operate a business 1700 miles away? I mean if I had an operations manager on the ground, sure, no big deal this is common practice. People own business investments the world over. The world truly is flat in that regard. But no, I am the operations manager 1700 miles away, with a lead technician on the ground. How this works I bet you would like to know.

Be Fearless – There are enough innovations in the market

September 2013 I fly into Denver and purchase three Carpet Cleaning territories of a well-known franchise. The territories are 1700 miles away from me. I live in Tulsa; the territories are in San Francisco. Long story short, I purchased a franchise with a dashboard that makes such an endeavor possible. Why going with a franchise was the right thing to do? This franchise came with a built-in call center, software that pushes jobs out to individual technicians, product-order tabs, marketing & process material printouts, and technician training. These processes were vital to run my telephone-based business.

A few of those processes

Long story short processes made this possible. Call center, website, additional resources, all while using UPS Stores, virtual offices, PEO’s, hiring and training companies, storage facilities, file storage, and marketing campaigns that worked. All while following just 3 KPI.

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