Gaining new customers is an art. Get the phones to ring with PPC campaigns.

Sometimes the quickest way to get the phone to ring is a PPC campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Services & Optimization Go Hand-in-Hand

Pay For A Client List. Get The Phones Ringing.

Effective pay-per-click management services takes time and iteration. Watchful modifications leads to a more sound investment. PPC is a proven method to get the phones to ring and website traffic to increase. Leverage Google AdWords and Bing Ads to grow your reach and get your message in front of the people who are searching for the products or services you offer. The trick is to more efficiently target the population that will becomes buyers. PPC is never pay it and forget it. Updating, testing, and modification win the race. The turtle wins the race.

Like all Accounts a PPC Campaign is not Set it and Forget it. | It Requires Tweaking & Managing

PPC Research: Keyword Finders

Finding the keywords to target is not the hard part. In fact, Google makes it very easy and many companies offer keyword finders. It’s maximizing those keywords and maximizing ROI. The industry, region, and demographics determine how effective certain keywords will be in certain regions. All of this must be monitored.

PPC Optimization

PPC is a bidding system. Sometimes blowing large amounts of cash on certain terms is wise, but always it is a case-by-case basis. Optimizing your cost-per-click and bid positioning, for the highest financial gains, requires a perpetual cycle of expert testing and implementation. The landing pages attached to these terms must be continually tweaked and iterated, here is where the true backend magic occurs. 

PPC: Paid Search

Paid advertisement typically responds immediately. These sponsored listings must have a landing page, on page optimization, and a properly constructed funnel to catch these potential buyers. This type of online advertising can get expensive, inefficient, and even break the bank if it is not done correctly. If done correctly, the lifetime value of a client can make the ROI on this type of advertising extremely valuable. This type of marketing beats yellow pages on cost, lead quality, and measurability,

Contact Us For More Details on PPC Campaigns. Don’t Lose Your Advantage On More Failed Advertisements.

Why Can’t I just Do This Myself?

Google Adwords is like a moving river, that requires a watchful eye for jumps & leaps. Losing track of the river is the quickest way to burn through marketing dollars without maximizing campaign returns.
  • Attract potential buyers
  • Gain immediate traction and a client list
  • Reduce cost per click and increase click-throughs with stylized and optimized landing pages
  • Target zip codes, buying pockets, and even target global clientele
  • Purposefully target the buying demographic
  • Limit and control the budget
PPC is typically the immediate way to get the phone to ring and it is not the cheapest solution. With high competition for the main terms it takes careful consideration, campaign tailoring and tracking to maximize returns. Businesses have been aiming to dominate certain search terms since the beginning of Google algorithms. PPC is a method to get above those organic searches to capitalize on those search terms.

Do AdWords Management Services Work?

Set it and leave it is not a strategy for PPC. Nozak Consulting is engaged, monitoring, and dedicated to maxmization of your campaigns. Cost-to-conversion is the key.

Finding the right keyword phrases to start your campaign is key, striking a balance between competitive, long- and short-tail keywords. 

Google will continue to refine and redefine their search engine algorithm, a campaign must stay in step with this changing environment.

Ad copy and design is key to prospective-to-customer conversion…notice you need a key chain!

We can create and design the ad text and optimized landing pages.