Can A Repair Job Be Good, Fast, AND Cheap?


No. The truth is, these three things, rarely, exist together. You can obviously get cheap, or good, or fast, but the combination of these three really is rare. Auto Repair Tulsa>>

Toyo Proxies St TiresYou Get What You Paid For

What happens in any service industry is that companies come in and try to produce the same product at a lower price point. These companies want the client to think in it the client who is fronting this bill, however, in truth it is the client who is fronting the bill, when it comes to cheap labor. Mechanic Shop Tulsa>>
Skilled, trained, experienced mechanics aren’t cheap, and any company that pays them cheaply will only have a revolving door on their employees and never have service consistency.

The Tire Industry Can Be Cutthroat

Not only are tire shops aiming to sell the same tires for less and less, there are a lot of suspect practices out there. For instance, you might have one tire shop give you the bottom line price, but that price won’t include, warranties, balancing, installation, and everything else it takes to install that tire. So you won’t ever be comparing apples to apples. What would standardize the industry, would be if anyone listed the total price, but that will never happen across the board. Tire Shop Tulsa>>

Most Auto Repair Require More Supplies & Labor Than Quoted

As skilled as your mechanics get and no matter how large your staff gets, quoting labor on repairs is extremely difficult, even with past experience. Why? Each car, make, model, & personal wear & tea to that vehicle create a unique experience. So you can have times for the typical rebuild or repair, but you will find that much of the time you will go over the allotted amount of supplies & man hours on projects. You want an auto repair shop that has the ability to work through this and still come out ahead for you and themselves. Auto Garage>>

It’s the skill & experience of the mechanics that help navigate you through these unexpected problems.

When The Auto Repair Price Reflects These Labor & Supply Increases

It takes tact, diplomacy, and empathy, and a willingness to take care of the customer when it comes time to explain that a project is going to cost more than say another quote or what was originally expected. Communication is everything. Your successful auto repair shops will be skilled at this, and it won’t even be awkward. Get A Quote: Auto Repair>>

The One-Hour Turn Around Promise

Our customers are not a number to us. So we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Besides when you focus to heavily on how long a project is taking versus expectation, or if you rush your mechanics to hit those time valves, you only reduce quality. Like we said you rarely can get good, fast, & cheap to work out together. Hercules Tire>>

Good, Fast, Cheap

Yetis & unicorns might be a little more realistic. In the past 40 years, we’ve noticed, the shops that come into this industry aiming to offer all three of these features, typically don’t last. Each year cars become more complex, require longer diagnosing by machine and mechanic, then how would it be possible to continue to aim to combine these features. I mean a car diagnostic from O’Reilly is fast! Also, in many cases, extremely inaccurate. Besides, isn’t this an oxymoron anyways? When is quality ever cheap? If you want faster work, it requires more skilled technicians, the best equipment, and years of success. These things aren’t cheap. Can A Repair Job Be Good, Fast, AND Cheap? Rarely. Looking for Content for your local business>

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