Body Shop Owner Sponsors Local Special Needs School


SANDS SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2017 /– Mark Battenfield of Battman Collision Repair Sand Springs has his hands full these days with never ending collision repair work. However, a few things he does not forget to do is spy on wildlife, ride his motorcycle, and support local non-profit organizations.

Mark is particularly connected to the Little Light House, located next door in Tulsa, because, he has a niece with special needs attending the school. With a waiting list that can typically take 2-3 years. He states, “If I can help that school out, so they can help more kids out, I will do it.”

Mark sets his sister (the students mom) up in his body shop facility with an office in the back, so she can engrave glass and other things in hopes of selling them to pay for ever-increasing technologies that are mandatory for kid growth.

Mini Laps 2017

At the event, each kid spent a few minutes walking around a circular track that the school has built for their annual “Mini Laps”. All the kids dress up in costumes and show their growth, whether by moving with assistance or full out walking, by walking around the track, while the families applaud their milestones. This fundraiser brings in a significant amount of resources for the school that has a fully trained special needs staff. From educators to OT’s, apparently they have got their bases covered.

“It was fun to be in support for such a well-organized event,” Mark stated. “Children, families, and staff all seemed to be well orchestrated and having a blast.” Mark acknowledges that if he can fix some cars, paint some cars, and/or modify cars and then turn around and assist others, he calls that a great success.
Mark has been in auto body since he was a teen; it was not until the 90s, where he decided to open his own shop, sporting all the gear to be an excellent shop. Since then his shop has only grown and his presence in the community is great, as he has only 5-star reviews on his Facebook & Google+ page, and we are not talking about 10 reviews either.

Mark says, “You never get to where you are going alone. It is important as a small business owner to find ways to grow your business efficiently, while maintaining the quality standards that allow you to be in business for over 20 years.”

Other organizations that are heavily involved with the Little Light House include a local auto repair company, a web developer, a snow cone stand, a window covering business, and so many more businesses; it would be tough to list them all.

The Events and Marketing Director for the Little Light House

We caught up with Lindsay Nozak the Director of Events & Marketing at the LLH and she said, “Businesses and owners with a heart like Mark are what help the Little Light House be able to continue serving children with special needs on a tuition free basis. We can’t thank him enough.”

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