A Story About An SEO Scamming a Local Business

“I was paying $500 a month and had absolutely nothing to show for it.”

Eagle Wrecker & Towing always had reliable towing business,  but owner Aaron Hammer was working hard to expand his operation and establish an online presence.

That’s when he hired a local SEO & Web Developer firm to build a site for him and retained them for monthly SEO services to bring in new business through his website but they had no idea how to avoid an SEO scam.  After the site build was complete he saw a small increase in phone calls, but then everything went flat….. for a long time.  We’ll show you in this article how to avoid an SEO scam just like this one.


When we started with Eagle Wrecker & Towing, it became very clear that there had been no activity or SEO work being done for their site since it had first gone live.  Our ranking audit of there site revealed no growth, meaning their SEO service provider hadn’t provided any consistent “services” (AKA their job) in a long time.  Eagle Wrecker had no idea how to avoid an SEO scam.

Additionally, they had been sold a 2 page static website with out so much as a clickable phone number or mobile friendly layout.  Even if a customer wanted to reach them  – they’d literally have to write their phone number down or take a screen shot with their phone and then type the phone number….. and it took less time than it did for you to read this last sentence than it did for that potential customer to move on to another website where they could get help fast. 

Additionally for spending $500 a month, Eagle Wrecker & Towing had no #1 SERP positions.  Eagle was located in a relatively smaller towing and wrecker market and should have had something to show for the last two years of  SEO services.  That’s where we came in….

The Fix  (How to avoid an SEO Scam)

 1. A new site: 

We started with a fresh site build to give Eagle Wrecker & Towing a fresh look, improved searchability and most importantly, a mobile first approach.  We took Eagle from a two page site with no links (not even a phone number) and build out 7 pages for them that included detailed information about their business and helpful information that could be used by anyone who found themselves in need of a wrecker or towing service.   We also provided detailed explanation of all services that Eagle provided making sure that customers were made aware of lock-out service, jump-starts, and club associations like AAA.   We made sure that they were clearly identified for towing and wrecker services in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

We also made sure that anyone could easily click a link to call Eagle for service and we made sure that the phone number was easy to identify.  That phone started ringing right away too.  Eagle’s old, two-page website only had an image of their phone number and links that went nowhere.  We made sure that they had new, fresh site that was very easy to navigate.  The last thing you would want when you’re stranded on the side of the road is a website that you can’t navigate or call for help on.  Eagle immediately recouped that business and saw a dramatic increase in business just based on the new site design.

Name Address Phone Number (NAP).  This basic piece of an optimized website was not found on Eagle’s original web build.  You’d be surprised how many sites that we rebuild have missed this key piece of ranking information.  Google weighs this information very heavily when determining rank for search results.  This is one of the first things that we make sure is happening on our client’s sites whether they already have a site that they’re happy with or if we’re building one from scratch,  NAP is a must. If your Name, address and phone number are not clearly showing up on your website, in that order – you might be in the midst of an SEO scam.

2. Key Word Growth: 

Event though Eagle Wrecker & Towing was a reputable business and was also one of a handful of options in a smaller market, they had no #1 search result positions.  This could be contributed to their lack of content on their website, no NAP, and no backlinks.  We saw an immediete increase in rankings once the new site was up and significant, relevant content was added.

In just a few months time, Eagle was ranking #1 for towing in their city in Google search results.

When we’re talking about content in this situation – we’re referring to the amount of helpful, relevant information that is provided on a business’s website.  We make sure that our clients have an arsenal of helpful content, not only to provide value to customers and potential customers, but also to help them rank better when Google crawls their web page.  Our team digs deep into your specific industry to identify key words that you can rank for and set goals to reach the very top of search results for specific phrases or words.  For Eagle Towing, it was words like “Towing”   or “Tow Tulsa”.   We built out specific content about these subject matters to gain traction for search results and drive up Eagle’s ranking on search results.  If you don’t have specific content on your website that’s related to your business’s industry, you might be in an SEO scam.

3. Directory Clean Up

Nozak Consulting uses Moz Local for all of our clients.  This gives us a great snapshot of how a website’s directory information is read by google accross all the major points that matter.  Most of the time when we start out, there are major inconsistencies, duplicate, and inaccurate listings.  This is a major issue for showing up correctly in search results and cleaning up this information will significantly help your business show up higher and higher when someone’s looking for your services.  The type of work involved for directory clean up includes social media information, such as duplicate facebook business listings, or duplicate business listings on other web site directories.  Google will penalize you for not having matching information across different specific directories and that means lower search rankings, which means your competition is getting the first shot at a potential customer before they even see your name listed.  Directory clean up is crucial for building an optimized web presence.

This work takes time, and significant attention to detail, but the end result is a huge and positive impact for driving more business to your website.  If you can’t get evidence of this type of work being done for your site, you might be paying for an SEO scam.

4.  A Strong Backlink Profile

Another key piece of gaining rank in search results is having a solid backlink profile.  Eagle did not have a strong base of backlinks coming in.  A solid backlink profile needs to be attended to on a regular basis and provide solid high quality inbound links to your business’s website.  Many SEO service providers often skimp on this part of the process and have even been known in the past to provide scammy and low quality links just to get a larger number of links going to your website.  However,  Google updated it’s algorithm to adapt to these changes and now penalizes websites with a suspicious backlink profile.  If your site has some of these suspicious backlinks it can seriously damage your rankings.

Nozak Consulting is constantly and vigilantly updating our backlink profiles for our clients to ensure they get only the best backlinks available and that their search results continue to grow.  We work hard to ensure there are no tarnished marks on your profile so that when Google crawls your website, it reads it easily and after seeing those backlinks, boosts you to the top of results.   We have a strong commitment to integrity and staying on the edge of search result algorithm updates.  Your SEO provider should be able to have a conversation with you about backlinks otherwise you might be paying for an SEO scam.

You should always be able to ask your SEO provider where your backlinks are coming from.  If they can’t provide that information to you, something fishy is going on.  If you’d like us to run a free backlink audit of your site, contact us today.


The Result

“We’ve never had our phone ring more than it has these last few months.  This service has paid for itself several times over already.”

-Aaron Hammer, Eagle Wrecker & Towing


Within a few short months of the new website launching, and our monthly SEO services outlined above, Eagle Wrecker saw a dramatic uptick in business.  This is our goal at Nozak Consulting, to get more traffic that converts into sales – right to your front door.  We build our services just like you built your businesses, with quality and attention to detail over time.  We’re with you for the long haul to make sure that the phone keeps ringing and business keeps coming to your doorstep.

This graph below shows the increase in rank results that Eagle experienced during a 3 month time period.

seo scam ranking graph


You can expect the same level of attention and service if you decide to work with us.  We take SEO and Web Development very seriously and treat your goals as our own.  If you have any questions regarding SEO you can contact us anytime.  We’ll be happy to speak with you.

You should always be able to ask your SEO provider where your backlinks are coming from. If they can provide key information like this to you, that could be a major cause for concern. Want us to run a free backlink audit for your website?


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